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Aluminium Bottles

Aluminium: the recyclable, reusable, super material. Embark on a journey of sustainability and style with our high-quality wholesale aluminium bottles, ranging from a compact 30ml to a generous 1 litre. Crafted for brand owners and manufacturers, our European sourced, versatile and customisable, aluminium packaging solutions are a testament to quality, meeting diverse product needs across various sectors. From beverages to personal care, and from home applications to gourmet foods, our aluminium bottles encapsulate the essence of your brand, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality, and environmental responsibility with innovation.


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Wholesale Aluminium Bottles

We provide high-quality wholesale aluminium bottles, available in various sizes, ranging from compact 30ml to a generous 1 litre.  As brand owners and manufacturers, you’ll find our versatile, customisable, and sustainable aluminium packaging solutions perfectly suited to meet your diverse product needs.

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The Sustainable Choice

In today’s conscious marketplace, consumers are seeking out more sustainable options for their products. Our aluminium bottles are not just eco-friendly; they’re also a smart business decision. They can also contain up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, without any degradation in quality. With an infinitely recyclable lifespan, they champion a circular economy, reinforcing your commitment to the environment and promoting the refill and reuse culture that customers have come to appreciate. Discover more about sustainability and aluminium packaging here.

Local Sourcing, Global Quality

  • Aluminium Bottles Sourced Within Europe: By sourcing our aluminium bottles from within Europe, we provide our customers with superior quality products that support shorter supply chains and reduce transportation emissions. This practice not only helps in minimising our environmental footprint but also ensures faster delivery and enhanced supply chain reliability, making it easier for you to manage inventory and respond to market demands quickly.

Dependable Quality and Versatility

Depending on your specific needs, our aluminium bottles can effectively store and dispense a wide range of product formats including liquids, oils, creams, and powders. The durability and protective properties of our aluminium bottles assure the integrity and freshness of your products, while their sleek and professional appearance amplifies your brand’s image.

Epoxyphenolic Inner Lacquer for Added Protection

All our aluminium bottles come with an epoxyphenolic inner lacquer, providing extra protection and maintaining product integrity throughout its lifecycle. This specialised lacquer has a wide range of applications across various product types. Epoxyphenolic lacquer, when applied to aluminium bottles, offers several advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance: Epoxyphenolic lacquer provides a protective barrier that prevents corrosion and oxidation of the aluminium surface, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the bottle.
  • Chemical compatibility: This lacquer is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for packaging products such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and industrial solutions.
  • Moisture barrier: Epoxyphenolic lacquer acts as an effective moisture barrier, preventing the ingress of water or moisture that could potentially degrade the product inside the bottle.
  • Heat resistance: The lacquer exhibits excellent heat resistance, making it suitable for packaging products that require sterilisation or exposure to high-temperature processes.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Epoxyphenolic lacquer can enhance the visual appearance of aluminium bottles, offering a glossy and attractive finish.

Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

In addition to our superior aluminium bottles, we offer a diverse selection of bottle closures and dispensers to perfectly complement your packaging needs. These accessory products, presented alongside each bottle, enhance the user experience, and further promote your brand’s identity. Whether you require a specific closure type for added security or a dispenser mechanism for efficient product usage, we provide a comprehensive array of options.

Customisable Options

Our aluminium bottles offer excellent opportunities for customisation. To ensure your brand stands out, we offer a variety of printing and decoration options, bringing your brand identity to life on our aluminium packaging. Your products will shine on the shelves, combining aesthetics with practicality.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

We’re thrilled to share this case study about our collaboration with Ogilvy, Scotland’s first Potato Vodka producer. Ogilvy’s journey in the spirits industry is nothing short of inspirational, and their quest for premium and sustainable packaging brought them to us.


Versatile Applications

Artisan and independent drinks brands will find our aluminium bottles an ideal choice for packaging spirits like gin. Aluminium is perfect for preserving the distinct flavours and quality of your beverages. Perfect for alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, our aluminium offer has a size that suits a range of needs, from 3cl to 1L. We continue to bolster our offer in this sector, due to high demand. Spirit bottles are being reimagined with options such as the 70cl spirit bottles, 5-6cl shot bottles with tamper-evident closure,5cl shot bottles with screw neck and ROPP neck cap.

Our aluminium bottles with lotion pumps are perfect for personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand wash, and body lotion. Screw cap closures are a great choice of pourable products, such as bath oils and shower gels. With us, you ensure your products are packaged in a way that complements their quality and functionality.

Ideal for home care applications, our aluminium bottles with atomiser sprayers offer sleek, practical solutions for room fragrances, surface cleaners, clothes refreshers, and fabric conditioners. The accessory applications don’t stop there, as screw cap closures and lotion pumps provide a wide scope for liquid applications.

Quality food items such as olive oil need packaging that safeguards their unique taste and quality. Our aluminium bottles are just the solution, offering protection and an appealing aesthetic.

For aftershave balms and other male grooming products, our aluminium bottles provide the stylish, robust packaging solution that your brand needs. A range of screw on dispensers and caps allows you to choose the right look and functionality for your product.

For powders, we present our Shaker Can and Powder Bottle, both with multi-hole applicators for an even distribution of powder. Whether it’s dry shampoo, styling powder, or spices and seasonings, our aluminium bottles ensure optimal application and preservation.

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