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Flip Top Closures

At BlueSky, we cater to the distinct needs of brands and manufacturers by offering an extensive, versatile collection of Flip Top Closures, available in neck sizes from 18mm to 28mm, ensuring the practicality and style your packaging requires. Whether you’re in the food, health care, or personal care industry, our in-stock range is poised to meet diverse applications, promising prompt delivery and reliable inventory. Tailored colour options and a seamless ordering process await to enhance your brand’s visual appeal and customer experience.

Wholesale PP Flip Top Closures

Welcome to your one-stop shop for superior-quality, wholesale Flip Top Closures. We understand the unique needs of brand owners and manufacturers, providing a wide range of Flip Tops suitable for a multitude of end-use applications. Our extensive range of in-stock, versatile flip tops, ranging in neck sizes from 18mm to 28mm, are ready to deliver the practicality, convenience, and style your packaging deserves.

Reliable Stock of Flip Top Closures

We maintain a consistent inventory of Flip Top Closures, ready to be despatched to your business promptly when required. Our variety of sizes ensures an ideal fit for your specific packaging needs, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

Versatile Flip Top Closures for Varied Applications

Designed for controlled dispensing of liquids, our flip tops are the perfect closure solution for a wide range of bottle materials, including PET and HDPE. This versatility expands their usefulness, making them the preferred choice for businesses across a spectrum of industries.

Tailored Colour Options for Your Brand

We recognise the crucial role aesthetics play in developing a compelling brand image. Our team can also arrange for other colours, specific to your needs, depending on MOQ.


We provide a seamless ordering and delivery process for an unparalleled customer experience. Experience the difference quality makes by partnering with us for all your Flip Top Closure needs.


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