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Aluminium Tins

Aluminium Tins – where versatility meets sustainability. At BlueSky, we can supply a range of aluminium tins, from 10ml to 250ml, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of brand owners and manufacturers across various industries. Whether it’s for personal care, home care, or craft industries, our tins not only assure the integrity and elegant presentation of your products but also champion eco-consciousness through their infinite recyclability.

Wholesale Aluminium Tins

We offer an extensive range of Aluminium Tins from 10ml to 250ml, all available for rapid delivery straight from our stock. Tailored to the needs of brand owners and manufacturers, our versatile aluminium tins cater to a multitude of applications, supporting your business’s distinct requirements.

Promoting Sustainability and Circular Economy

Our Aluminium Tins embody the principles of the circular economy. They’re not only infinitely recyclable but can also be refilled and reused, significantly reducing waste, and contributing positively to our environment. Opting for our Aluminium Tins means making a sustainable choice that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers and businesses alike. Read more about the sustainable attributes of aluminium packaging here.

Customisation Options for Brand Uniqueness

To better reflect your brand identity, we offer customisation options on our Aluminium Tins. From printing your brand logo to adding decorative touches, we ensure your packaging is uniquely yours. This not only elevates the user experience but also enhances your brand recognition and value in a competitive marketplace.

Rapid Delivery Assured

We understand the pressing demands of your business. That’s why we guarantee swift delivery from our ready stock, ensuring you always have the packaging you need when you need it. No more delays, no more lost opportunities, just efficient, reliable service.

Quality and Service

When you choose our Aluminium Tins, you’re opting for superior quality, exceptional service, and sustainable solutions. We’re dedicated to assisting you through each step of the decision-making journey, ensuring you find the perfect packaging solution for your products.

Explore our range today or get in touch with us for more information. Let us help your business stand out with the best in Aluminium Tin packaging.

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Versatile Applications

For personal care products, our aluminium tins are the ideal choice. They’re perfect for packaging hair pastes, waxes, skincare lotions, creams, balms, lip balms, and storage for capsules. Our tins protect the integrity of your products while presenting them elegantly to the end-user.

In the realm of home care, our aluminium tins excel as storage tins for various household items, including furniture waxes. Their robust nature ensures they stand up to everyday use while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Craft industries also greatly benefit from our aluminium tins. Their adaptability and durability make them excellent for storing various craft materials, allowing users to keep their supplies organised and safe.


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