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BlueSky offers a wide range of rigid packaging materials suitable for various industries, including personal care, home care, and health care. Our materials include:

Aluminium: We provide high-quality aluminium packaging solutions, such as bottles and jars, known for their durability and barrier properties. Aluminium also has excellent sustainability credentials, being infinitely recyclable.                                                               

PP (Polypropylene): Our PP packaging options offer excellent chemical resistance and are commonly used for bottles, caps, and closures.

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate): PET is a lightweight, transparent material ideal for bottles, jars, and containers in the personal care and health care sectors.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene): HDPE is a versatile material used for bottles, caps, and closures due to its excellent chemical resistance and durability.

Glass: We offer premium glass packaging solutions, including bottles and jars, known for their product visibility, recyclability, and luxury appeal.

PCR PET (Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate): Our PCR PET packaging allows for sustainable choices, utilising recycled materials without compromising quality.

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene): LDPE is a flexible and squeezable material used for tubes, providing excellent barrier properties and convenience.

PETG is a form of plastic very similar to PET but with added glycol. The glycol makes the product more impact resistant.

BlueSky offers a comprehensive range of rigid packaging products suitable for the personal care, home care, and healthcare industries. Our product portfolio includes:

Bottles: We provide bottles in various shapes, sizes, and materials to meet specific product requirements.

Pumps, Sprayers, and Dispensers: Our range includes airless foamers, airless pumps, atomisers, droppers, lotion pumps, treatment pumps, pipettes, and trigger sprays for precise product application and convenient dispensing.

Caps & Closures: We offer a diverse selection of caps and closures, including tamper-evident and child-resistant options, to ensure product integrity and safety.

DUMA Packaging: DUMA packaging, available in HDPE, LDPE, and PP materials, provides tamper-evident and child-resistant closures, making it suitable for products that require enhanced safety measures.

Airless Packaging: Our airless packaging solutions preserve product integrity, extend shelf life, and offer precise dosage control, ideal for sensitive formulations and high-end products.

Tubes: BlueSky offers a variety of tubes, including squeezable options, with different capacities and materials to meet the specific needs of personal care, home care, and health care products.

Yes, BlueSky provides packaging samples for evaluation and testing purposes. We understand that physical examination and testing are crucial in the decision-making process. You can request samples of our packaging products, allowing you to assess their compatibility, functionality, and suitability for your specific needs. Our customer support team will assist you in obtaining the samples you require for thorough evaluation and testing.

Yes, BlueSky understands the importance of customisation in meeting unique branding and product requirements. We offer customisation options for rigid packaging products, including:

Colours: We can provide packaging in various colours to match your brand identity or product specifications.
Printing and Labelling: BlueSky offers printing and labelling services, allowing you to add logos, product information, barcodes, or any other required details to the packaging.
Surface Finishes: We can provide different surface finishes, such as matte or glossy, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the packaging.
Embossing or Debossing: If desired, we can incorporate embossed or debossed designs or logos on the packaging for a premium look and feel.
Custom Shapes and Sizes: BlueSky can develop custom moulds to create packaging with unique shapes and sizes tailored to your specific product needs.

Huge! Printing, labelling, printed sleeves, embossing – and a few more. Contact the team with your project and they’ll talk you through the best options – +44 (0)1472 240940.
The minimum quantity for printing is generally 10,000 units although we may be able to arrange smaller quantities on some products. Contact us on +44 (0)1472 240940 when you have chosen a product and we’ll answer this question more specifically to your product.
Minimum embossing quantity is usually 5000 units but this may vary on the product and the embossing required.
Essentially, the vacuum in the chamber of an airless bottle plays the role of the dip-tube as this is what causes the piston to come up, pushing the product out.
The colours that are available from stock are usually shown on the product page, underneath the stock availability information. If you’re looking for a different colour, perhaps your own unique brand colour, this can often be done but it is subject to lead times and larger minimum order quantities.
Both the bottle and the cap page will have a ‘neck size’ reference which will give you a rough guide to match to. At any point if you want confirmation, just give us a call on +44 (0)1472 240940 and we’ll help you out.
A double-walled product is quite simply a product made with two walls, an inner and an outer. They offer a prestige appearance and give further protection to the product inside.

Yes, BlueSky understands the importance of regulatory compliance in the personal care, home care, and health care industries. We strive to stay updated with industry regulations and can assist you in ensuring that your packaging meets the necessary compliance standards. Our team can provide guidance on regulations related to materials, product labelling, safety, and other relevant requirements. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our packaging solutions align with regulatory guidelines and support a smooth approval process.

BlueSky is committed to delivering high-quality and reliable packaging products. We ensure quality and reliability through the following measures:

Supplier Selection: We carefully select suppliers who adhere to stringent quality standards and have a proven track record of delivering superior packaging materials.
Quality Control: Our packaging products undergo rigorous quality control processes at various stages, including material inspection, production monitoring, and final inspection before delivery.
Certification and Compliance: We work with suppliers who have the necessary certifications and compliance with international standards, ensuring that our packaging products meet industry requirements.
Continuous Improvement: BlueSky is dedicated to continuous improvement. We actively seek feedback from customers, monitor market trends, and invest in research and development to enhance the quality, functionality, and reliability of our packaging products.

Yes, BlueSky offers packaging solutions that meet specific product requirements, including tamper-evident and child-resistant closures. Our DUMA packaging, available in HDPE, LDPE, and PP materials, is designed to provide tamper-evident and child-resistant features, ensuring the safety and integrity of your products. These closures are specifically engineered to comply with industry regulations and standards, offering an added layer of protection for products that require enhanced safety measures.

BlueSky recognises the demand for airless packaging in the personal care, home care, and health care industries. We offer a wide range of airless packaging solutions that provide numerous benefits, including:

Extended Shelf Life: Airless packaging minimises product contact with air, reducing the risk of oxidation and contamination, thus extending the shelf life of your products.
Precise Dosage Control: Our airless systems are designed to deliver precise and controlled dispensing, allowing users to dispense the right amount of product with each use, minimising waste.
Protection of Sensitive Formulations: Airless packaging protects sensitive formulations, such as skincare creams, serums, and pharmaceutical products, from exposure to air, light, and contaminants, maintaining their effectiveness and integrity.
Enhanced Hygiene: The airless design prevents the introduction of bacteria or other microorganisms into the product, ensuring better hygiene and product safety.
User-Friendly: Airless packaging is convenient and user-friendly, providing ease of use, portability, and ergonomic design for a positive consumer experience.

Yes, BlueSky has the capability to assist in the development of custom packaging solutions to meet unique product requirements. We understand that each product has specific needs and branding considerations. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide tailored solutions. From custom shapes, sizes, and materials to specialised printing or labelling, we can collaborate with you to create packaging that aligns with your vision and product differentiation goals.

Stability testing of packaging with the end product is crucial to ensure the compatibility, integrity, and safety of the packaging during storage, transportation, and use. By conducting stability tests, customers can assess factors such as the packaging’s resistance to temperature changes, humidity, light exposure, and chemical interactions. This helps identify any potential issues or risks that may affect the quality, effectiveness, or safety of the product, allowing necessary adjustments or improvements to be made.

BlueSky understands the importance of providing customers with comprehensive technical specification documents for packaging. We ensure that customers have access to detailed information about our packaging products to facilitate informed decision-making. You can request technical specification documents from our customer support team or through our online portal. These documents include information such as material composition, dimensions, weight, performance characteristics, and any applicable regulatory certifications.

BlueSky understands the significance of internal lacquers in aluminium packaging. We offer transparency and accessibility to technical specification documents for internal lacquers. Our technical specification documents will provide details about the composition, application process, performance attributes, and safety considerations of the internal lacquers used in our aluminium packaging.

Epoxyphenolic lacquer, when applied to aluminium bottles, offers several advantages:

Corrosion resistance: Epoxyphenolic lacquer provides a protective barrier that prevents corrosion and oxidation of the aluminium surface, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the bottle.

Chemical compatibility: This lacquer is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for packaging products such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and industrial solutions.

Moisture barrier: Epoxyphenolic lacquer acts as an effective moisture barrier, preventing the ingress of water or moisture that could potentially degrade the product inside the bottle.

Heat resistance: The lacquer exhibits excellent heat resistance, making it suitable for packaging products that require sterilisation or exposure to high-temperature processes.

Aesthetic appeal: Epoxyphenolic lacquer can enhance the visual appearance of aluminium bottles, offering a glossy and attractive finish.

Epoxyphenolic lacquer on aluminium bottles is suitable for a wide range of end products, including:

Pharmaceuticals: It can be used to package medications, tablets, capsules, and liquid formulations.

Personal care products: Epoxyphenolic lacquer is suitable for packaging cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, and other personal care items.

Chemicals: It provides excellent protection for chemicals, solvents, and industrial solutions.

Beverages: Epoxyphenolic lacquer can be used for packaging alcoholic beverages, such as spirits and liquors.

Food products: Certain food products, like sauces, condiments, and edible oils, can benefit from the protective properties of epoxyphenolic lacquer on aluminium bottles.

A disc top is a dispensing closure which has a circular disc in the top. This is hinged and so can be pushed down (closed) or pushed up (open). When open, this exposes a path for the product to exit through.
A flip top is a dispensing closure with a hinged top that ‘flips’ open. Underneath the top cover that flips open is a hole for the product to be dispensed through.
An atomiser is a dispensing closure which sprays the product as a very fine mist (i.e. it atomises it). The complete unit has a dip-tube which is what the liquid is drawn up through.

Lotion pumps are dispensing closures used for dispensing liquids such as soaps etc. They involve a spring mechanism which draws the liquid up a dip-tube and out of the bottle.

The traditional method of achieving a metallic finish on plastic Lotion Pumps involves attaching a separate metal collar. However, this requires additional assembly steps, and may not always provide a seamless look.

The UV metallised process, on the other hand, involves the following steps:

  1. Plastic Injection Moulding: The Lotion Pump closure is first created through plastic injection moulding. This process shapes the plastic material into the desired design of the Lotion Pump closure.
  2. Surface Preparation: To ensure a smooth and uniform metallised finish, the plastic surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Any impurities or contaminants are removed to ensure proper adhesion of the metallised coating.
  3. Vacuum Metallisation: In this step, the Lotion Pump closure is placed inside a vacuum chamber, which is then evacuated to remove air and create a low-pressure environment. A thin layer of metallic material, such as aluminium, is heated until it vapourises. The vapourised metal condenses on the surface of the plastic closure, bonding to it and forming a thin, metallic layer.
  4. UV Curing: After the metallisation process, a UV (Ultraviolet) curing stage follows. UV light is applied to the metallised surface, causing the coating to harden and cure quickly. This step ensures that the metallised layer adheres firmly to the plastic substrate.

A ROPP cap stands for “Roll-On Pilfer-Proof” cap. It is a type of closure commonly used in the packaging industry to seal bottles containing liquids such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. The ROPP cap is designed to provide a secure and tamper-evident seal, ensuring the product’s integrity and safety.

The ROPP cap is usually made of metal (typically aluminium) and has a threaded skirt that allows it to be screwed onto the neck of the bottle. The cap features a tamper-evident band that tears upon the first opening, indicating if the bottle has been previously opened or tampered with. This feature is crucial in preventing product adulteration or contamination and assuring consumers of the product’s authenticity.

To open a ROPP cap, you simply twist it counter-clockwise until it disengages from the bottle’s neck, and to reseal it, you twist it back on clockwise until it’s securely tightened.

ROPP caps are widely used in the packaging of various beverages, including water, juices, spirits, and wines, as well as pharmaceuticals and certain chemicals. Their tamper-proof design ensures that customers can trust the product they are purchasing is in its original state, without any interference during transportation or storage.


The term “ROPP neck” refers to the specific type of neck finish on a bottle or container that is designed to accommodate a ROPP cap (Roll-On Pilfer-Proof cap). The ROPP neck is characterised by its thread design, which allows the ROPP cap to be securely and tightly screwed onto the bottle’s neck, providing a tamper-evident and pilfer-proof seal.

The ROPP neck finish typically has several threads on the inside of the bottle’s neck, and the ROPP cap has corresponding threads on the inside of its skirt. When the cap is placed on the bottle’s neck, it is rolled on and then tightened, creating a strong seal that prevents easy removal without evidence of tampering. The tamper-evident band on the cap ensures that once the cap is initially opened, it cannot be resealed without showing signs of interference.

ROPP neck finishes are commonly used in the packaging of beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, where product integrity and security are crucial. The ROPP caps provide a reliable seal and protect the contents from contamination, pilferage, or unauthorised access, ensuring that the product reaches the consumer in its original condition.

Customer Service

Our minimum invoice value is £250 before carriage and VAT.
The minimum quantity you can order of any product is dependent on the quantity in a single case – we never despatch less than 1 case. So for example, if the quantity in a case is 500, that is the minimum order quantity for that product.
  • Packaging orders over £2,500 nett, will be delivered free of charge to all UK mainland addresses.
  • Packaging orders with a value between £750 and £2,500 nett requiring delivery within the UK mainland will have a carriage contribution fee of 4% applied.
  • Packaging orders with a value below £750 nett requiring delivery within the UK mainland will have a £30 carriage charge applied.
  • For any export orders requiring delivery to outside of the UK mainland we will utilise the most cost-effective courier, dependent on consignment size and destination. The carriage contribution fee will be agreed prior to despatch, so if you are able to collect ex-works you can choose this option.
Orders received for product in our ‘Ready to ship’ range will normally be delivered within 2 working days. The rest of our products are stocked abroad so may be subject to a lead time – the sales team will confirm this when we receive your order.

We ask for your first order to be paid on a pro-forma basis and we accept payment by card, bank transfer or cheque. Credit account application forms are available on request.  Subject to approval of your request for credit, we operate with 30 day credit terms and will agree a credit limit suited to your requirements.

We work very closely with all customers on getting products decorated, whether that be through printing, labelling, embossing and many other options.  We don’t hold the equipment in-house but coordinate projects through a strong network of specialists.

Yes you can, please view our terms and conditions here:

Broadly speaking, in the unlikely event of goods being damaged in transport prior to a delivery, you can arrange for them to be sent back and replacements will be issued. If you decide that you don’t want the goods, you can return the goods to us and we will issue a credit/refund on receipt of the goods. A 20% handling and re-stocking charge will be applied.

At BlueSky we have a testing laboratory in which we can get a rough guide as to the compatibility of the package.  However, we do recommend that you get professional testing done by a qualified company before you place your order as we do not have the authority to finally pass your product.

We can, and we have!  Over the last year we’ve exported to over 25 different countries worldwide so we’re well experienced in this. Just send us the details of where you want the goods and we’ll make arrangements from there.


Yes, sustainability is a priority at BlueSky and we offer a range of sustainable packaging options for the personal care, home care, and health care markets. These options include:

Aluminium: Inifinitely recyclable and suitable for refill and reuse. We can offer up to 100% PCR content.
PCR PET (Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate): We provide packaging made from PCR PET, which utilises recycled materials, reducing the demand for virgin plastics and minimising environmental impact.
Glass: Glass packaging is endlessly recyclable and does not degrade in quality through the recycling process. We offer a variety of glass packaging solutions to meet your specific needs. We can also offer glass with PCR content.
LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene): LDPE is a flexible and recyclable material suitable for tubes. We offer LDPE tubes that are recyclable and can be included in plastic recycling streams.
Eco-Friendly Materials: BlueSky is committed to exploring and introducing innovative eco-friendly materials for packaging. We stay up-to-date with the latest sustainable packaging advancements to provide you with environmentally responsible options.

“Post-consumer recycled” (PCR) content refers to the portion of a product or packaging material that has been recovered from consumer use and recycled into new products. PCR content is derived from materials that have completed their initial use cycle as a consumer product and have been diverted from the waste stream through recycling processes.

BlueSky recognises the importance of sustainable practices and offers packaging solutions with PCR content. When we mention PCR PET (Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) or other PCR materials (i.e. aluminium, glass), it indicates that a percentage of the material used in the packaging has been sourced from post-consumer recycled sources. This means that the packaging incorporates recycled materials, reducing the demand for virgin materials and promoting the reuse of valuable resources.

By using packaging with PCR content, we contribute to reducing waste, conserving energy, and lowering the overall environmental impact of our products. BlueSky remains committed to offering sustainable packaging solutions and actively supports the adoption of PCR materials in the industry to foster a more circular and eco-friendly approach to packaging.

At BlueSky, we understand the importance of sustainability and its impact on the environment. We leverage three core principles to ensure the highest quality products and services while addressing sustainability challenges:

Act responsibly: We act responsibly by making conscious choices in sourcing and supply, prioritising materials and ingredients that have a lower environmental footprint. We seek suppliers who share our sustainability values and adhere to responsible sourcing practices.

Challenge continuously: We continuously challenge ourselves to improve sustainability within our operations. We review and refine our processes to minimise waste, optimise energy usage, and reduce our environmental impact. This includes exploring alternative materials, promoting recycling, and implementing best practices.

Think sustainably: We approach every aspect of our business with sustainability in mind. We we consider the long-term environmental and social implications. By thinking sustainably, we aim to create products and solutions that meet both the needs of our customers and the demands of a changing world.

BlueSky takes a global mindset and implements best practices and methodologies to drive sustainability within our processes. Here are some key aspects:

UN Sustainable Development Goals: We align our sustainability targets with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This framework helps us focus on specific areas of responsibility and impact where we can contribute.

Local Impact: While thinking globally, we act locally to support the communities surrounding our production facilities. We reduce, recycle, and implement measures to support a greener and healthier environment. Through partnerships with local recycling facilities, we ensure that 100% of plastic, metal, and cardboard waste is recycled.

Environmental Management System: We operate in accordance with an Environmental Management System and have ISO14001:2015 accreditation. This systematic approach helps us manage and improve our environmental performance, minimising our carbon footprint and resource usage.

Energy Efficiency: We utilise LED and auto lighting to reduce energy consumption within our facilities, contributing to energy efficiency and sustainability.

BlueSky is committed to offering sustainable packaging solutions and supporting a circular economy. Here’s how we achieve this:

Recyclability and Reusability: Our core product categories, including PET, PE, and aluminium, are designed to be recyclable, reusable, reducible, and refillable. We prioritise materials that can be effectively recycled and reused, minimising waste and promoting resource conservation.

Circular Design: BlueSky promotes circular design principles in the development of our packaging solutions. We prioritise materials that are easily recyclable and compatible with existing recycling systems. Additionally, we explore innovative design concepts, such as refillable and reusable packaging, to extend the lifespan of our products and reduce waste.

Plastic Packaging Tax Compliance: BlueSky actively addresses the Plastic Packaging Tax, which came into effect in the UK in April 2022. We offer packaging options with recycled content, specifically in our PET bottle range, to help our customers comply with the tax regulations. By incorporating a minimum of 30% recycled content in our PET bottles, we enable our clients to mitigate the impact of the tax while promoting the use of recycled materials.

Collaboration and Partnerships: BlueSky collaborates with suppliers, industry organisations, and regulatory bodies to foster sustainability and support the circular economy. We seek out partners who share our aspirations and values, enabling us to create a network that promotes responsible sourcing, reduces reliance on virgin plastics, and stimulates the demand for recycled materials. Together, we can drive innovation and positive change across the supply chain.

Reduce: BlueSky focuses on reducing the environmental impact of packaging by employing lightweight designs, optimising material usage, and implementing efficient packaging solutions. By minimising the amount of material used in our packaging while maintaining functionality and durability, we help our customers reduce waste and conserve valuable resources.

Reuse: BlueSky recognises the importance of reusable packaging solutions. We work closely with our customers to explore options for refillable and reusable packaging that minimise waste generation and support a circular economy. By providing durable and high-quality packaging that can be refilled multiple times, we contribute to reducing single-use packaging and fostering long-term sustainability.

Recycle: Recycling is a fundamental focus at BlueSky. We actively advocate for and offer packaging made from recyclable materials, such as PET, PE, and aluminium. By designing our packaging to be easily recyclable, we facilitate the recycling process and encourage consumers to participate in recycling programmes. We collaborate with recycling facilities to ensure proper recycling of our packaging materials, minimising their impact on the environment.

Refill: BlueSky recognises the importance of refillable packaging as a sustainable solution. We provide options for packaging that can be easily refilled, such as refillable bottles and containers. By offering refillable packaging solutions, we help reduce single-use packaging waste and promote a circular economy where products can be used repeatedly, minimising resource consumption.




BlueSky is very clear about what products are manufactured and imported into the UK from the EU.

BlueSky has invested in significant amounts of additional inventory on products from the EU to help cover client demands should there be delays from January 2021.

We have ensured that a) the best incoterms are in place with each of our suppliers b) the forwarders that we use are registered with the HMRC c) the forwarders we use are part of the Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) and have Kent Road Permits to clear customs as quickly as possible.

In most cases yes, but this is a continuous work in progress. As a minimum we request a) Technical Drawing/Specification b) REACH statement c) Food Contact Compliance (where applicable) or Raw Material Material Safety Data Sheet (RM MSDS).

BlueSky already imports from Rest of World (ROW) countries and we have had to include additional financial costs to existing EU imports to create a realistic scenario for 2021. Duty is one factor but there are others such as deferment and other fees that are also included.

BlueSky will safely package, appropriately label and prepare goods for export but the client will be responsible for and need to arrange collection. Our team will ensure that the correct paperwork is completed. The sale of goods will be based on an Ex Works basis.

Ukraine Statement

Due to the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine and its wider humanitarian impact, we recognise the importance of clarifying our supply arrangements. First and foremost, our thoughts are with the Ukranian people at this time.

A risk analysis and response plan is ongoing. We have checked all technical documentation relating to products purchased from eastern europe and none of the materials are from Russia.

Internally we have checked the MSDS, raw material data and product certification relating to each of the products we purchase. the findings are that our partners are not purchasing products from Russia. For certainty, our suppliers are in the process of verifying our internal investigation.

We have Service Level Agreements in place with our supply chain partners in Eastern Europe, and whilst there is always a risk of Force-Majeure (with any products related to oil), we have mitigated this risk as much as we can. We have safety stock levels on standard product lines on site and at manufacturing sites, to ensure continutiy of supply and mitigate risks. We also ensure tat we have secondary supply chain fr everything, further mitigating risk, should Force-Majeure ever be executed.

We do however forecast for disruption to the supply chain and advise that you get in touch with your BlueSky contact about this, and we will endeavour to ensure everything is in place to meet your needs.

During this period of uncertainty we will work together with you, with transparency and foresight, to ensure we deliver what is required with the highest quality service.

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