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Pumps, Sprayers and Dispensers

Sprays, pumps and dispensers are found in many sectors. Beauty and personal care brands are frequent shoppers in this category, with pump dispensers well suited to use with soaps and creams, and atomisers making a great choice for fragrances. Trigger spray heads are a popular option for liquids requiring a larger spray volume than atomisers, such as personal care and home care products like hairspray and bleach.

We keep exclusively plastic (PP/PE) products in this category, each with a specified neck diameter for bottle and container compatibility. You’ll also find a diptube length listed on each product, which indicates the length of the tube which feeds into the container from the dispenser head. You’ll need to ensure the diptube length matches the depth of your bottle, jar or other container.

Colour options include black, white, clear, silver and gold. With over 140 styles to choose from, there’s a choice for every brand and product!

We have a FREE sample service, for you to try any of our pumps, sprays or dispensers before you purchase.


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