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Airless Pump Bottles

Explore our exquisite range of Wholesale Airless Pump Bottles, designed for precision, sophistication, and functionality. Available in sizes from 30ml to 100ml, these bottles are perfect for high-end serums and creams, offering controlled dosage and superior protection for your liquid formulations. Ideal for skincare, beauty, and health care industries, our airless bottles not only enhance product integrity but also add a touch of elegance to your brand. Experience the perfect blend of design and efficiency.

Wholesale Airless Pump Bottles: Precision Meets Elegance at BlueSky

Maximise your brand’s presentation with BlueSky’s premium Airless Pump Bottles, available in sizes ranging from the handy 30ml to the ample 100ml. Crafted with a glossy silver base and over-cap, these bottles epitomise luxury and sophistication, perfectly tailored for brands looking to make a profound statement.


Precision Dispensing for Elite Formulations

Our Airless Pump Bottles are designed for meticulous dispensing, delivering a precise dosage of 200 mcl/0.20ml – ideal for exclusive formulations like facial and eye serums. More than just their alluring appearance, these bottles enhance functionality with their ergonomic design, elevating the luxury of every use.


Advanced Airless Technology for Premium Quality

Incorporating airless technology, our bottles ensure a full product evacuation, adaptable 360° usage, and a contamination-free storage solution. This blend of attractive design and practical utility represents a quality choice for beauty and skincare brand owners.


Ideal for Natural and Preservative-Free Products

Suitable for formulations that are natural and preservative-free, our Airless Bottles protect the integrity of your products by preventing oxidation. Their clear design not only showcases the purity and quality of the contents but also adds to the visual appeal, emphasising the natural aspect of your products.


Versatile Packaging for Diverse Industries

Not just a feast for the eyes, our Airless Bottles are remarkably versatile, suitable for a wide array of applications including skincare, hair care, personal care, beauty, and topical health care. They enhance the user experience, combining aesthetic allure with functional benefits.


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