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At BlueSky, we share your sustainability challenges and understand the opportunities they can bring. Starting with sourcing and supply of packaging materials and ingredients, through to development and manufacture of products; we leverage three core principles, to ensure you receive the highest quality products and service. 

Act responsibly

Challenge continuously

Think sustainably

We ACT so that you can be confident that your product delivers on your sustainability goals and satisfies the needs of your consumers.

We are continuously implementing and driving the sustainability of our business through four essential pillars:

  • Our People & Community
  • Our Processes
  • Our Products
  • Our Partnerships & Philanthropy

Our People & Community

The BlueSky Family

Ensuring that our staff are happy, healthy, and safe is paramount at BlueSky.  The BlueSky family share our collective values; they understand and are aligned with the importance of protecting the environment.

The overall Mission of BlueSky is to:

  • Understand the challenges of our clients and provide creative solutions, vital to their success
  • Elevate and inspire our team, stakeholders and those we do business with
  • Generate a profit that sustains growth and empowers us to contribute to the community

The well-being of our colleagues is at the forefront of everything we do, and we utilise the GFI score (Good Feel Indicator) to track this. Our people are always learning and developing their potential. Every member of staff can learn something new and keep developing at BlueSky. This ensures there is an internal passion and desire for continuous growth and staff development.  We look to create awareness and support for colleagues across a range of key areas including diversity and inclusion and training leaders across our organisation.

One of our core Values is: Integrity
We strive to exemplify the highest standard of conduct in all our commercial activity.

We have achieved SEDEX accreditation. As a SEDEX member we are committed to being a responsible business, sourcing responsibly, and improving ethical standards and working conditions within the supply chain.

Our Processes

Think Globally, Act Locally

The UN Sustainable Development Goals is the framework within which we focus our specific targets, define where we have a responsibility and what we can directly impact.

We have a global mindset, and we work with best practice methodologies and processes within our business. We reduce, we recycle, and we act to ensure that our production facilities are supporting the local population and a greener, healthier environment.

  • By working with local recycling partners, we ensure that 100% of plastic, metal and cardboard waste is recycled

  • We operate in accordance with the Environmental Management System and have ISO14001:2015 accreditation

  • LED and auto lighting used to reduce our energy use

BlueSky is committed to supporting a circular economy. A key element of our Sustainability Strategy has been reframing our supply chain to provide customers with sustainable packaging solutions. These solutions will continue to meet the varied demands of the markets we serve, without compromising on quality, and ensure that our clients continue to have access to relevant and sustainable rigid packaging.

Being an ISO9001 accredited company, we will ensure that you are made aware of any changes to the products that you purchase from us through our change control process.

Our Products

Our core product categories are PET, PE, and Aluminium. Ensuring that the products we sell are recyclable, reusable, reducible and recoverable is at the forefront of what we do. Looking further into Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), is something we cover in our consultative sales process.

  • We have launched and sold the very first 100% monopolymer (PE) recyclable lotion pump. (This removes the need for lotion pumps with multiple materials)

  • We have increased the use of recyclable monopolymer packs in metal and plastic by 5% year-on-year

  • We offer recycled content across all PET and Aluminium bottle products. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and ideal for refill


Plastic Packaging Tax

Recycled content across all PET bottles will help us lessen the impact of the Plastic Packaging Tax that came into effect in April 2022 across the UK. Plastic packaging manufactured or imported into the UK containing less than 30% recycled content will be subject to this tax.

Our standard virgin PET ranges are available with 30% recycled content.  The initial launch was with our Straight Sided Jar range, with other product categories following. You can be reassured that the inclusion of recycled content in our plastic ranges will not affect the integrity or quality of the products.  PET is one of the easiest materials to recycle. Post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET, is even more environmentally friendly as it is manufactured from recycled plastic. It is increasing in popularity as brands adopt a sustainable approach to packaging.

With the focus on reducing plastic waste to landfill, PCR PET not only makes use of recycled plastic, it can also be recycled again and re-manufactured into a fresh batch of PCR PET packaging. Part of a circular economy, PCR offers genuine sustainability. Your packaging can be made in a variety of PCR strengths: 5-10% PCR can be added to PET bottles and jars with little to no impact on optical clarity; 100% PCR is more suitable for opaque or coloured packaging and responds well to decoration.

Our Partnerships & Philanthropy

We partner with suppliers who share our aspirations across sustainability and innovation. BlueSky coordinate multiple suppliers, providing you with a with a cost-effective solution that also lessens the environmental impact of the production process.

We comply with the social, economic and environmental requirements and standards that you demand and deserve, and our supply chain is fully compliant and aligned with this.

As a member of BCMPA we are at the forefront of industry trends and regulations.

By working together, across the supply chain, we can:

  • Reduce our reliance on virgin plastics

  • Reduce our CO₂ footprint

  • Create a greater demand for recycled materials

  • Stimulate the reuse and recycling of plastic and aluminium

Customers – We understand all of the steps involved in making your product range a reality.  We consider ourselves consultants and mentors for our customers, and everything that you need can come from one single source – us

Supply chain –  We source responsibly, we procure for resilience, and we are not dependent on countries or companies that do not share our values

Charities – We consider our impact on the communities around us and our employees actively take part in fundraising activities on a regular basis for a wide range of charities. 

Environmental responsibility

Our approach to sustainability helps you to fulfil your environmental commitments. Partnering with BlueSky gives you peace of mind that the products and services you receive have come from a business that is focussed on sustainability and our impact on the environment.

As a supplier of plastic packaging, we are continually evolving to ensure that we are serving our customers in the most cost-effective, sustainable, and environmental way. In some instances, plastic remains the most effective and environmentally friendly option, however, we will work with you to ensure that the products and services we offer meet your individual needs.

We operate in accordance with an Environmental Management System and have ISO14001: 2015 accreditation.