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Custom Moulding & Tooling

Give your brand a boost with a completely customised look. Beyond colour and decoration, we offer custom tooling: The solution for creating your very own bottle or jar style.

Standard packaging isn’t for everyone

Not all brands are looking for an off the shelf solution. Even with the colour and decoration options available, some products demand something special.

With the help of BlueSky custom tooling, you too can create a recognisable packaging silhouette. Evoke the personality of your brand with playful curves, serious straight sides, vintage shapes, or modern aesthetics.

This means that you don’t have to make any sacrifices when designing your bottle or jar as we can produce your plastic product to your exact specification and requirements.

BlueSky team at table, looking at variety of bottles and packaging

Cost Effective Customised Solutions

PET is a superbly flexible material for creating your own unique bottle or jar shape. Using the stretch blow moulding process, BlueSky can produce new moulds to match your specification with custom tooling. Our design process enables you to see your product with realistic 3D visuals before incurring any tooling costs.

Delight your consumers

When it comes to beauty and personal care, bottles are no longer banished to the bathroom cabinet but proudly displayed. Unique packaging shapes demand brand recognition but more importantly, the consumer’s attention and desire. Delight your consumers with packaging from BlueSky without breaking the bank.

BlueSky team at table, looking at variety of bottles and packaging, with render on TV screen

Initial Design

Starting with your idea we will agree an initial design. We work from mood boards and your brand colours to produce a visual image of the desired result.

Full Technical Specification

We then take your dimensions and produce a full technical specification with exact measurements and material details of what is achievable. This enables us to make an accurate model for you.

3D Print and Initial Sample

Before going into manufacture, we will send you a 3D printed sample so you can see the physical size and shape of your packaging.

Manufacture Tooling

This is the exciting part. We manufacture tooling for the exact shape of your packaging design to produce a prototype.

Pre-production Sample

Even more exciting is when we send you a pre-production sample so you can see exactly what the finished packaging will look and feel like.


Once we have your approval, mass production commences! Fast, high quality production with food grade manufacturing standards if required.

Why stop there?

Your brand is your success. If your packaging doesn’t reflect it correctly, you could be throwing a lot of money down the drain. Why not complete the look of your custom bottle and maximise your branding with our decoration and printing service.

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