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Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with BlueSky’s range of tube packaging solutions. From durable plastic tubes available in 100ml and 200ml sizes to eco-friendly collapsible and rigid aluminium tubes, we offer options tailored for personal care, pharmaceutical, and wellness products. Enhance your product’s appeal and preserve its quality with our tube packaging designed to meet the diverse needs of your industry.

Explore the Versatile World of BlueSky Tubes: Plastic and Aluminium Solutions

Our diverse range of tube packaging solutions meets the demands of multiple industries, including personal care, pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, and cosmetics. Our specially designed plastic and aluminium tubes offer functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, tailored to enhance your product’s delivery and consumer experience.

Your Premier Choice for Tube Packaging

At BlueSky, we offer a selection of tube options, catering to various product forms such as creams, gels, and lotions:

  • Plastic Tubes: Available in 100ml and 200ml sizes, our plastic tubes are perfect for personal care and cosmetic products, offering a lightweight and cost-effective solution while ensuring product integrity.
  • Collapsible Aluminium Tubes: Ideal for products requiring barrier protection against air and moisture, these tubes are great for pharmaceuticals and high-end cosmetics. They are available in smaller sizes, such as 30ml, providing precision and preservation for semi-solid contents.
  • Rigid Aluminium Tubes: Best suited for health and wellness products like effervescent tablets or nutritional powders, offering robust protection and sustainable advantages.

A Sustainable Choice

Embrace BlueSky’s commitment to sustainability with our eco-friendly packaging solutions:

  • Aluminium Tubes: Known for their infinite recyclability, our aluminium tubes help you reduce environmental impact without sacrificing quality. They provide excellent barrier properties and are a prime choice for sensitive formulations.

Customisation to Fit Your Brand

Personalise your packaging with our customisation options. BlueSky tubes can be tailored in terms of size, colour, and finish to match your brand’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

Why Choose BlueSky for Your Tube Packaging Needs?

  • Diverse Product Range: Catering to various formulations with specific packaging needs.
  • High-Quality Standards: Ensuring product safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainably Focused Solutions: Promoting recyclable and sustainable packaging options.
  • Customisation Capabilities: Offering full customisation to align with your brand identity.

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Discover how BlueSky’s tube packaging solutions can transform your product’s presentation and functionality. Contact us today to explore our full range of plastic and aluminium tubes and find the perfect packaging solution for your needs.

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