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The recent Mintel report, “Global Beauty Packaging Trends,” offers profound insights into the evolving preferences and expectations within the beauty packaging sector. As sustainability becomes increasingly integrated with luxury, and as heritage designs make a comeback alongside clean and sophisticated packaging, BlueSky is poised to adapt and innovate within this dynamic landscape.

Embracing Quiet Sustainability

The concept of “quiet sustainability” emerges as a significant trend, where environmental responsibility is embedded in product design without compromising luxury aesthetics. This trend resonates deeply with BlueSky’s ethos. We are committed to supplying packaging solutions that are both sustainable and visually appealing, ensuring that sustainability is a core aspect of beauty packaging rather than an afterthought. Our approach includes using recyclable materials such as PET, HDPE, aluminium, while expanding our offer of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, growing our aluminium offer, and focusing on refill systems, such as pouches —all while maintaining the premium look and feel that beauty brands and consumers desire.

Transparency and Technology for Consumer Engagement

The beauty industry’s shift towards greater transparency, as seen in the adoption of QR codes for revealing product lifecycles and ingredients, aligns with our vision for the future of packaging. BlueSky recognises the value of using technology to enhance consumer trust and engagement. Incorporating QR codes and other technology-enabled features into packaging allows consumers to access detailed information about the sustainability and ethical standards behind their favourite products, fostering a deeper connection between brands and their audience.

Clean and Sophisticated Packaging

The demand for clean, simple, and sophisticated packaging reflects a broader consumer preference for efficacy and functionality over superfluous design elements. We champions this minimalist packaging trend, focusing on designs that are elegant yet functional, reducing unnecessary material use, and ensuring that our packaging solutions support the product’s integrity and effectiveness. This philosophy aligns with the growing consumer trend towards uncomplicated beauty regimes and the appreciation for tangible product benefits.

Incentivising Recyclability

Mintel’s report highlights the importance of recyclability incentives, exemplified by brands offering discounts for participating in recycling schemes. At BlueSky, we see this as an opportunity to further engage consumers in sustainable practices by offering packaging that not only meets high recyclability standards but also encourages participation in recycling programs. We are here to support and advise you about topic such as the role of aluminium bottles in reuse and refill schemes. Collaborating with brands to develop and promote such incentives can significantly enhance the environmental impact of beauty packaging, creating a win-win scenario for consumers, brands, and the planet.

Heritage-Inspired Packaging Designs

The resurgence of heritage-inspired packaging design presents an exciting challenge: to merge classical aesthetics with modern sustainability. We are inspired to explore packaging solutions that honour traditional designs while employing sustainable materials and practices. This approach allows us to cater to the nostalgia trend, such as amber apothecary style looks, and aluminium tubes for an imperfect yet appealing appearance (nothing shows a loved, well used product, than one in an aluminium tube!).

The insights from Mintel’s “Global Beauty Packaging Trends” report illuminate the path forward for the beauty packaging industry. At BlueSky, we are excited to embrace these trends, focusing on more sustainable solutions, consumer engagement through transparency, minimalist design principles, and the integration of heritage aesthetics. By doing so, we aim to support you in creating products that not only look good and feel luxurious but also contribute positively to your sustainability goals.



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