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Aluminium Tubes in Beauty, Skincare and Health Care

We’re excited to explore the benefits of one particular pack type, the aluminium tube. This pack format has existed for years, in fact, it has an almost nostalgic appeal. We have witnessed that its popularity amongst brand owners and consumers is accelerating. Recognised for their functionality, brand identity, and infinite recyclability, aluminium tubes are now trending. Let’s dive into why they’re gaining traction across skincare, personal care and health care.

Sustainability and Versatility Combined

Aluminium’s infinite recyclability is central to its appeal, as it supports your sustainability goals. BlueSky embraces this approach with our aluminium tubes, notably our versatile 30ml option, perfect for a variety of uses. We’re positioned to meet diverse needs, offering customisations to meet your needs (subject to MOQ).

The benefit of partnering with us, is that we can supply a broad range of aluminium tubes, including collapsible (think – squeezable) tubes, that we see used for product such as hand creams, cream deodorants, hair care masks, topical health care and pharmaceutical products. Rigid aluminium tubes are excellent and eye-catching alternatives to rigid plastic tubes, often used to package effervescent vitamins and tablets because they effectively protect the integrity of the tablets, ensuring they reach your customers in top condition.

You can read more about our aluminium tube range in our latest aluminium brochure – available for download.

Beauty Industry’s Luxurious Choice

Aluminium tubes are becoming a beauty and skincare industry’s favourite, providing a sleek, modern look that appeals to the eco-conscious consumer. Their ability to protect sensitive products from external elements is central to their popularity, making them ideal for creams and serums.

Pharmaceuticals’ Trusted Packaging

In pharmaceuticals, aluminium’s non-reactive nature is essential for maintaining medication efficacy. BlueSky ensures the highest safety standards with epoxy phenolic FDA-approved linings in our tubes, making them a top choice for topical medications.

Operational Advantages with BlueSky

We offer aluminium tubes with up to six colour options, catering to both aesthetic appeal and brand identity. With a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5,000, BlueSky can accommodate both high-quality and volume requirements.

Aluminium tubes offer cost-effectiveness in production and transportation. They are lightweight, reducing shipping costs, and durable, minimising damage risk during transit. These attributes streamline the supply chain, benefiting you and your consumers alike.

“Their resurgence in popularity reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards sustainable and efficient packaging options. There’s also a satisfying tactile appeal to the aluminium tube too. At BlueSky, we’re aligning with this trend by expanding our range of aluminium tubes, highlighting our commitment to quality, sustainability, and market responsiveness.” Laura Grant, Marketing Manager at BlueSky, on the enduring appeal of aluminium tubes.

Watch our round-up of aluminium packaging, and get a flavour of what we will be focusing on in 2024.

Your Packaging Partner

Whether you’re exploring options for beauty products or pharmaceuticals, BlueSky’s aluminium tubes offer a perfect blend of style, functionality, and environmental consciousness. We invite you to explore our 25 x 100mm 30ml aluminium tube and contact us for tailored solutions that meet your specific packaging needs.


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