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Discover versatile pouch packaging with BlueSky

Customisable Pouches

Explore the versatility of BlueSky’s pouch packaging solutions, perfectly tailored for a broad spectrum of industries from sports supplements, coffee, and confectionery, to liquid personal care, home care, and beverage products. Our pouches are designed to accommodate liquids, powders, and solids, providing a flexible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing packaging option that enhances brand value and consumer appeal. With BlueSky, ensure your product stands out in today’s competitive market.

Materials and Finishes

BlueSky’s extensive range of customisable stand-up, spouted, and pillow pouches, are designed to cater to various markets with an emphasis on sustainability, functionality, and style. Our pouches, come in a wide array of materials and finishes, including special laminate matte, gloss, soft touch, leather, and linen, are the perfect choice for brands looking to make a lasting impression.

Versatile Pouch Options for Every Need

Pouches can contain everything from spirits and coffee to personal care items such as bath salts, and home care solutions. Each pouch design is crafted to meet the unique demands of your product’s market, and can be equipped with a variety of closures and dispensing options such as zippers and spouts. This ensures not only the protection of your product but also ensures a positive user experience, catering to the end user’s convenience and satisfaction. 

Digitally Printed

Maximise brand impact with digitally printed pouches, which allow you to feature dynamic designs and personalisation, including unique QR codes for engagement. Ideal for impactful short runs, these pouches ensure quality isn’t sacrificed for flexibility, catering perfectly to brands aiming for standout presence in the market.

Bespoke Features

Customise your pouch packaging with an array of bespoke features, ensuring functionality and standout design. Opt for tear notches for easy, scissor-free access, and hang holes for display versatility. Our resealable zippers, valves for carbon dioxide release, and round corners enhance usability and aesthetic.

Choose spout placement for convenience (centre or either top corner), and enhance your brand with spot foil finishes or targeted spot varnish for contrast. Clear windows showcase contents, while handles support easy carry and pour, especially for heavier or liquid-filled pouches, making each pouch perfectly tailored to your product’s needs.

Sustainable Pouch Choices

We offer 100% compostable and recyclable pouch options. Whether you’re looking for a solution that reduces your carbon footprint or supports the circular economy, BlueSky’s supply pouches that align with your sustainability goals. Pouches are also excellent for refill systems, allowing you to refill existing bottles and containers with ease.

Pouches together with aluminium bottles, make an excellent refill system.

  • Suitable for liquid personal care, home care, food and drink products
  • Lightweight, easy to store, carry and reseal
  • Customisable
  • Able to provide tamper-evident, re-closure and dispensing options
  • Smooth surface for high quality images
  • Cheaper to ship, as lightweight and takes up less volume
  • 50ml – 1 litre sizes, available in a variety of dimensions

Pouches Size Guide:

Liquids Width Height Gusset
50ml 80 100 30
100ml 90 130 35
250ml 120 170 35
500ml 130 210 40
750ml 160 250 45
1L 170 265 45
250g 160 230 45
500g 188 260 55
750g 213 280 55
1kg 240 300 55
2kg 300 310 55
Coffee Beans
250g 160 230 45
500g 190 260 50
750g 213 280 55
1kg 240 300 55

Pouches Materials

Material Barrier Finish Use Applications
PET/ALU/PE Ultra High Silver Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches High alcohol content drinks,
Long shelf life dry tea / coffee
dehydrated food and beverages
METPET/PE High Silver Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches Dry Pet Food
Medium Shelf life dry beverage coffee and tea
Long life snacks crisps and nuts
Personal care products
Meat and fish
PET/PEEVOH High Clear / White Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches Dried fruit and nuts
Personal care products
Powder detergent
Meat and fish
PET/PE Medium / Low Clear Non Spouted Pouches Non degradable foods
Synthetic materials
Garden Products
METOPP High Barrier Silver Flow Wrap / Printed film Long shelf life snacks
Cereal bars
BOPP Low Barrier White Flow Wrap / Printed film Pet treats
Short shelf life dry snacks
Non degradable light weight products
PET/ALU/NYLON/PE White / Silver Spouted Pouches High alcohol content drinks
High tensile strength, ideal for sharp products
High puncture resistance
Home Compostable High (OTR) White Paper Stand up pouches Long shelf life for a wide range of ambient products
Med (WTR) No liquids or gels
High tensile strength ideal for sharp products
Compostable coffee valves and zippers available
Industrially compostable with valves / zippers
Home Compostable High (OTR) White Paper Film / flow wrap Long shelf life for a wide range of ambient products
Med (WTR) High tensile strength ideal for sharp objects
Kerbside Recyclable Medium White Paper Stand up pouches / sachet / film / flow wrap Dry and moist foodstuffs (no liquids or gels)
Does not support a zipper
High tensile strength ideal for sharp objects

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