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Amber PET

Welcome to BlueSky’s extensive collection of amber PET Bottles and Jars, your go-to solution for preserving the integrity and quality of a range of products from skincare to pharmaceuticals. PET containers align with our commitment to environmental sustainability, meeting the high standards of recyclability across the UK and Europe. With a diverse range of styles including Boston Round, Cosmo Sirop, Pharma Veral, and PetPackers, our products offer the versatility for a myriad of applications, from lotions and creams, to syrups and supplements. Whether you seek traditional apothecary aesthetics or modern, functional designs, our customisable amber PET Bottles and Jars cater to your unique needs.

Sustainability of PET Bottles and Jars

PET bottles and jars are fully recyclable and widely accepted at almost all UK recycling locations. In fact, PET is the most widely recycled plastic material in Europe, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The Versatility of Amber PET Bottles

Our vast selection of PET bottles Boston Round, Tall Boston Round, Cosmo Sirop, Pharma Sirop, Veral, and Pharma Veral, all versatile and adaptable for numerous applications. These styles cater to a wide range of needs, whether for liquids, creams, gels, or lotions. The jars include PetPackers, Pill Jars with screw-on neck, Pill Jars with snap-on neck, and Straight Sided Jars. From simplicity to a more traditional apothecary look, our PET Amber Bottles and Jars are your perfect choice.

Boston Round and Tall Boston Round Bottles

Boston Round Bottles continue to be a popular choice for brands across various markets. The bottle can be matched with a range of accessories including screw caps, atomisers, flip top caps, and treatment pumps. The amber colour is not only light-protective but also perfect for lotions, gels, creams, and many other applications.

Cosmo Sirop Bottles

Cosmo Sirop Bottles have an elegant, curved shoulder, and are suitable for a wide range of end products across skincare, home care, personal care, and some health care (that do not require ROPP necks). They can be combined with a wide range of dispensers and closures – perfect for formulations with a range of viscosities.

Pharma Sirop Bottles

The PET Pharma Sirop bottle is an excellent choice for the health care, well-being, and pharmaceutical markets. Ideal for syrups and liquid supplements, these bottles come with screw cap closures designed to protect both the product and user effectively. The amber colour is beneficial for light-sensitive formulations, providing extra protection while evoking a traditional apothecary style look. The Pharma Sirop Bottles are designed with ROPP necks, ensuring they are compatible with tamper-evident screw caps. ROPP stands for Roll-On Pilfer-Proof, and it is an integral component in packaging that requires a secure, tamper-evident closure for bottles, primarily in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Veral PET Bottles

The Veral PET bottle, with its versatile design, serves a myriad of sectors from personal care to food and beverage. The amber colour provides extra protection for light-sensitive formulations and offers a rustic, traditional look, especially when paired with a lotion pump for example.

Pharma Veral PET Bottles

It’s an excellent choice for health care and pharmaceutical products such as syrups and liquid supplements. The Pharma Veral Bottles are designed with ROPP necks, ensuring they are compatible with tamper-evident screw caps.

PET Jars: Versatile and Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Our Amber PET jars offer the perfect combination of robust quality, aesthetic appeal, and sustainable packaging. These jars come in sizes ranging from 75ml to 250ml, and are primarily focused on the well-being, health care, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical markets.


The amber PetPackers range in size from 100ml – 250ml. We have a wider range of PetPackers which can be explored here. PET is suitable for both pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Its properties meet the safety requirements for diverse product applications, ensuring your products maintain their quality and integrity.

All PetPackers are compatible with screw cap closures feature EPE (Expanded Polyethylene), IHS (Induction Heat Sealed), or PS (Pressure Sensitive) liners. These liners play crucial roles in preserving the quality of your products.

Pill Jars with Screw-on Neck

The amber Pill Jars with Screw-on Neck, range in size from 100ml – 250ml. We have a wider range which can be explored here. PET Pill Jars with Screw-on Necks are a reliable and functional choice in the health care, wellness, and pharmaceutical sectors, providing storage and dispensing solution for a variety of products. These jars are paired with screw cap closures that can be IHS or EPE lined, offering additional protection and ensuring the integrity and longevity of the contents.

Pill Jars with Snap-on Neck

The amber Pill Jars with Snap-on Neck, range in size from 75ml – 250ml. We have a wider range which can be explored here. PET Pill Jars with Snap-on Necks are essential for safeguarding health care and pharmaceutical products. These jars are compatible with tamper-evident snap-on caps, providing added security and instilling confidence that the products have not been tampered with prior to first use.

Straight Sided Amber PET Jars

In the amber PET range, the Straight Sided amber Jar is the one that is more versatile in that it can be used for personal care, health care, wellness, and home care products. They are suitable for a wide range of product types including lotions, creams, pastes, and gels. The amber colour not only evokes a traditional apothecary style but also provides added protection for light-sensitive formulations. Like our PET bottles, these jars are fully recyclable, travel-friendly, and offer an excellent alternative to glass with their robustness and clarity. We have a wider range of Straight Sided Jars that can be discovered here. Also, you can discover more about the versatility of PET straight-sided jars here, in our handy guide.

Customise Your Amber PET Bottles and Jars

We provide customisation options for all our bottles and jars, including printing and decoration. Make your brand stand out with our customised Amber PET Bottles, perfectly suited to your specific requirements.


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