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The Benefits of Amber Coloured Packaging

At BlueSky, we pride ourselves on providing an expansive range of PET and glass rigid packaging solutions to cater a diverse range of needs. One of the popular colour choices that has gained attention over the years is amber. Beyond its aesthetic allure, amber coloured packaging offers several functional benefits. Here, we explain why this hue is so functional and popular.


1. UV Protection:

The most significant advantage of amber coloured packaging is its ability to shield contents from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV radiation can degrade the quality of many products, especially those sensitive to light like certain food items, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Amber packaging acts as a natural barrier, ensuring the longevity and efficacy of the products within.

2. Timeless Appeal:

The rich, warm shade of amber evokes feelings of luxury and timelessness. Brands aiming for a vintage or classic aesthetic can leverage amber packaging to evoke sentiments of tradition, craftsmanship, and quality. It’s a hue that stands out on shelves and draws consumer attention.

3. Opacity:

For products that require discretion or are best stored away from prying eyes, amber packaging offers an inherent opacity. This makes it perfect for storing items like medicinal preparations.

5. Versatility in Design:

With advancements in manufacturing, amber coloured packaging, in particular PET, can be moulded into various shapes and sizes, offering brands the flexibility to customise according to their unique requirements. Whether it’s a sleek bottle for a skincare product or a practical container for pills, the design possibilities are endless.

6. Psychological Impact:

Colours play a crucial role in influencing purchase decisions. Amber, with its warm undertones, often evokes feelings of reliability, trustworthiness, and stability. When consumers see a product in amber packaging, they may subconsciously associate it with quality and reliability.