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Packaging That Pops: Customising Beauty Essentials with BlueSky

Imagine this: You’ve developed a fantastic beauty product, and now it’s time to think about packaging. That’s where we come in. At BlueSky, we specialise in getting your products shelf-ready with an array of packaging options that are as practical as they are appealing. With everything from sleek treatment pumps to elegant glass dropper bottles ready to go, plus our UK-based operation ensuring quick turnarounds, we’re here to help your products make a statement. And for those looking to add a personal touch, our customisation options have got you covered.


Quick, Tailored Packaging: Why It Matters: In the beauty industry, timing can be everything, but so is creating a memorable brand experience. BlueSky offers the best of both worlds:

  • Stocked and Speedy: Our ready-to-despatch packaging solutions mean you can move quickly to capture market trends.
  • Distinctly Yours: With options for custom colours, prints, and finishes, your packaging will truly resonate with your brand identity.

Meet Your Packaging Match:

  • Treatment Pumps & Airless Packaging: Perfect for keeping your skincare formulas fresh. Customising with your brand’s colours or adding a unique label can make them distinctly yours.
  • Glass Dropper Bottles: Ideal for serums and oils, these bottles offer a premium feel. Custom labels or a bespoke finish to the dropper can elevate your brand’s elegance.
  • Aluminium Tins: Great for balms or capsules, these aluminium tins can be customised with embossing, and highlight your commitment to sustainability because of their infinite recyclability.
  • Aluminium Tubes: These are a sleek, durable choice for everything from hand creams to balms and primers. Not only do aluminium tubes they protect sensitive formulations from air and light, but with BlueSky, they can also be tailored with vibrant printing or sleek embossing to match your brand’s aesthetic, making them a favourite for brands aiming for both practicality and a luxury feel.
  • Aluminium Powder Shaker Can: Ideal for loose powders, or even mineral makeup, these shaker cans offer a stand-out solution. It’s a refillable and reusable solution too! Customise them with BlueSky through unique embossing, debossing, labelling, or colour-matching lids to elevate your product’s shelf appeal and reinforce your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.
  • Clear PET Straight Sided Jars: Showcase your product’s texture and colour with our clear PET SSJs, complemented by custom cartons for that extra wow factor.
  • Atomiser Sprayers: For facial mists and hair sprays, these atomiser sprayers provide a fine mist with customisable aspects, such as gloss gold or silver collars, to match your brand aesthetic.

Why Choose BlueSky:

We understand the beauty industry’s fast pace and the need for brands to stand out with unique packaging solutions. Our in-stock options provide the agility your brand needs, while our customisation services ensure your packaging reflects your brand’s unique story and values.

Bringing Your Vision to Life:

With BlueSky, envisioning your product in its ideal packaging isn’t just a dream. Whether it’s adding a dash of colour to a lotion pump or crafting the perfect packaging for your latest serum, we’re here to make that vision a reality, quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to beauty packaging, you shouldn’t have to choose between speed and style. With BlueSky’s vast selection of ready-to-despatch packaging and bespoke customisation options, your products will not only hit the market swiftly but also look stunning doing it. Let’s work together to create packaging that captures the essence of your brand and delights your customers.

Thinking about giving your beauty products the packaging they deserve? Contact us at BlueSky. We’re excited to help you find the perfect packaging solution that balances speed, functionality, and brand identity.


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