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Why Aluminium Bottles are Ideal for the Bathroom

“It’s so cold outside…I can’t wait for a hot bath” – I hear you! As Marketing Manager at BlueSky, I’m deeply immersed in the world of packaging, and I know a good thing when I see it. What is this ‘thing’?  Well, there’s a real opportunity to explore aluminium bottles, and not just because they add a delightful aesthetic to your bathroom. At BlueSky, we’ve noticed how these bottles have potential to be a favourite for bathroom products, including bath salts, bubble bath, shower gels, shampoo, the list goes on. But why, you ask? Let me share my insights on why aluminium is ideal for your bath time experience.


Why Aluminium is a Bathroom Hero

The bathroom is like a mini spa (even if only in our minds), and it deserves the best. With all that steam and splashing, you need something that stands strong. That’s where aluminium bottles shine. One question that is often asked is: ‘Do aluminium bottles rust?’. It’s a valid concern, especially when you’re thinking of placing these bottles in a moisture-rich bathroom. The simple answer is no, they don’t. Aluminium doesn’t contain iron, so it doesn’t rust like iron does – That’s why you will sometimes see steel (contains iron) packaging leaving annoying rust circles in the bathroom.

Sustainable? Absolutely!

Of course, this is the most important aspect of all. It’s lightweight, infinitely recyclable (without degrading its quality), and did I mention you can ask for PCR content (post-consumer recycled) up to 100%? By choosing aluminium, we’re considering the environment, and that feels pretty good.

Adrian Wade, our Head of Supply Chain, delves deep into designing for refill and reuse, especially with aluminium bottles. Want to learn more about how our bottles fit into your refill schemes, the best lacquers to use, and how to navigate the lifecycle of a reusable bottle? Dive into Adrian’s comprehensive discussion here.

Stylish and Customisable 

Aesthetics matter, especially in a space where you relax and rejuvenate. Aluminium bottles have a sleek, modern look. They’re like the fashionable bath accessory you never knew you needed. And at BlueSky, we’re all about making things unique – just like your brand. Customising these bottles to reflect your style? Absolutely possible. We offer printing directly at the point of production, ensuring unbeatable print quality. For smaller quantities from stock, worry not – we have decorating solutions that maintain the high standards of your brand. Embossing and debossing add a premium touch, and for those tricky MOQs, labelling offers a simple yet effective option. Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.


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