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Everything you need to know about aluminium packaging

As brand owners and manufacturers, you’re probably always on the lookout for versatile, attractive, and sustainable packaging solutions. And if you haven’t considered aluminium packaging yet, we believe it’s time you did!


The first thing to know about aluminium packaging is its unmatched versatility. Ranging from compact 10ml tins and 30ml bottles, to generous 250ml tins and 1 litre bottle capacities, aluminium bottles and tins can effectively store and dispense an extensive range of product formats. Whether you’re packaging liquids, oils, creams, powders, balms, or anything in between, aluminium solutions assure the integrity and freshness of your products. Their sleek and professional appearance can also enhance your brand image, creating a winning package that’s sure to stand out.


Most importantly, aluminium packaging’s superiority doesn’t end at its versatility, protective qualities, or aesthetic appeal. Its most significant advantages lies in the fact that it is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be repurposed and reused endlessly without any loss in quality or integrity.

In a world growing increasingly aware of environmental concerns, choosing packaging materials that support sustainability efforts is more crucial than ever. Aluminium, with its 100% recyclability, aligns perfectly with this ethos. After its first lifecycle, aluminium can be melted down and repurposed into new packaging, saving resources and energy, and reducing waste.

In fact, recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminium, making it an incredibly energy-efficient choice. Moreover, the aluminium recycling process produces fewer greenhouse emissions compared to the production of new aluminium.

What makes this more impressive is that the recyclability of aluminium does not compromise the quality of the packaging. Recycled aluminium retains all the beneficial properties of its original form – its strength, versatility, and protective qualities remain unaltered.

With BlueSky’s aluminium packaging, you’re not only choosing a solution that’s robust, versatile, and visually appealing but also one that aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We offer aluminium packaging with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, up to 100%. Aluminium benefits you, your consumers, and our world.

Inner lacquer for extra protection

BlueSky aluminium bottles come with an epoxyphenolic inner lacquer that provides extra protection and maintains product integrity throughout its lifecycle. This specialised lacquer has a wide range of applications across various product types (including health care, personal care,chemicals, beverages and food products), adding an extra layer of reliability and quality to your packaging.

The Shaker Can

At BlueSky, we are always looking to extend our ranges, with new and exciting products; The Shaker Can is one such product. It’s an eco-friendly packaging solution for your powder and free-flowing products, which when equipped with a snap-on multi-hole cap, provides effortless usage and consistent, fine distribution.

The Aluminium Powder Bottle

Our sustainable packaging option for cosmetic, hair care, and body care powders, the Aluminium Powder Bottle, is the perfect solution for your product needs. When paired with the aluminium Rotex closure, you can guarantee a smooth and high-quality powder application.



As if all this wasn’t enough, we offer customisable options for our wholesale aluminium bottles and tins. Whether it’s branding or decoration, at BlueSky we can arrange a variety of printing options that can bring your brand identity to life on your aluminium packaging. Your products will not only be protected and preserved but will also look visually stunning, impressing your customers and creating real stand-out.

Wholesale, in-stock, ready-to-ship packaging solutions

At BlueSky we stock wholesale aluminium bottles and tins that can suit a variety of product types and purposes. We have a range of ready-to-ship aluminium packaging options, ensuring prompt delivery and eliminating unnecessary delays or inconveniences.

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