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BlueSky’s 100% PCR 70cl Aluminium Bottles: Style Meets Sustainability

BlueSky is thrilled to introduce our expanded range of 70cl/700-750ml aluminium bottles, now available in three distinct finishes, each designed to meet diverse branding needs while upholding our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability and Style Unified

Our new aluminium bottles are entirely made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) aluminium, meeting the surging demand for sustainable packaging, and the growing interest in aluminium in the spirits and beverage market. The stylish gloss black and matte white finishes not only boosts shelf appeal but also offers a cost-effective advantage, thanks to the pre-applied base coats that simplifies branding processes for our customers.

Features that Make a Difference

  • BPA-NI Lacquer: Ensuring safety and quality, our bottles are lined with BPA-NI lacquer. Anyone dealing with supermarkets or British Retail Consortium (BRC) accredited organisations will have to use the BPA-NI lacquer, as this is a requirement.
  • Versatile Use: 70cl – Ideal for spirits and beverages; 700 -750ml – perfect for personal care, and home care products.
  • Ready for Fast Delivery: Stocked in the UK, we guarantee quick and efficient delivery.

Aluminium vs Glass for Spirits: What are the Advantages of Aluminium?

  • Lightweight & Durable: Aluminium bottles are significantly lighter than glass, reducing shipping costs and the risk of breakage.
  • Sustainable: Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, maintaining quality through each cycle, unlike glass which can degrade.
  • Superior Product Protection: Aluminium provides excellent protection from light and air, crucial for preserving the quality of spirits.
  • Customisable & Brand-Friendly: Aluminium offers more versatility in design and custom branding opportunities.
  • Safety: Reduced breakage risk makes aluminium a safer option for both handling and transportation.

Benefits for Your Brand

  • Enhance Your Brand Image: Make a statement on the shelves with our premium and sustainable bottle.
  • Assured Compliance: With BPA-NI lacquer, meet industry standards effortlessly.
  • Agile and Swift: Benefit from BlueSky’s fast turnaround times, ideal for businesses that value efficiency.

Embrace the Future with BlueSky’s Aluminium Bottles

Our range of 70cl 100% PCR aluminium bottles offers the perfect blend of practicality and luxury. Each bottle is designed to enhance your brand’s presence and align with modern packaging trends.

In Stock now – Ready to Despatch! Explore the range here.


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