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The Rise of Waterless Powder-Based Skincare and Hair Care Products

Waterless powder-based skincare and hair care products are not centre stage but they are standing their ground, highlighting a significant shift in the beauty and personal care industry. These formulations offer a host of benefits, from sustainability to engaging textures, and are rapidly gaining popularity among eco-conscious consumers and beauty enthusiasts alike.

The Benefits of Waterless Powder-Based Products

Waterless powder-based products are transforming the beauty industry by reducing the need for water in formulations, which not only conserves this precious resource but also enhances the potency of active ingredients. Without water, products have a longer shelf life and are less prone to bacterial growth. They also weigh a lot less than their liquid counterparts, which has more than one advantage. Being lighter and more compact, it makes waterless power-based products ideal for travel and reducing transportation emissions. However, being powders means that the correct choice of packaging is essential – because the packaging is fundamental to controlling amount dispensed and the flow of the product (it could be easy to waste without control!).

Ideal Packaging Solutions from BlueSky

To complement these formulations, BlueSky offers a specific, targeted  range of packaging solutions designed to maintain product integrity and enhance consumer experience. Two stand-out products are our Aluminium Shaker Can and Sifter Screw Cap, both perfect for waterless powder-based products.

Reimagine Your Packaging with the 100g Aluminium Shaker Can

Our sleek 100g Aluminium Shaker Can is a truly eye-catching packaging solution for dry powder formulations across personal care, cosmetics, home care, and food. Designed for effortless use, it features a multi-hole cap and closure, providing fine and consistent product distribution. This refillable and reusable can is crafted with food-grade lacquers and inks, is BPA non-intent, and ensures safety for food items like spices, as well as cosmetic and body powder products. Enhance your brand’s sustainability, look, and convenience with our versatile Aluminium Shaker Can.

Controlled Dispensing with the Sifter Screw Cap

The Aluminium Sifter Screw Cap offers controlled dispensing with its two-piece design and sealing over-cap. Compatible with 24/410 neck aluminium bottles (sold separately),  as well as other bottle materials such as 24/410 PET boston round bottles. This cap is ideal for cosmetics, hair, and body powders. It’s 100% and infinitely recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for brands committed to environmental responsibility.

Specific Skincare and Hair Care Products That Benefit


  • Face Cleansers: Powder-based face cleansers activate with water, providing a fresh and potent cleansing experience every time.
  • Exfoliants: Powder exfoliants offer a gentle yet effective exfoliation, suitable for various skin types without the need for preservatives.

Hair Care:

  • Dry Shampoos: Powder dry shampoos absorb excess oil and add volume without the need for aerosol cans.
  • Scalp Treatments: Powder-based treatments can be massaged directly into the scalp, promoting a healthy scalp environment and stimulating hair growth.

The Future of Beauty and Sustainability

The shift towards waterless, powder-based products is a move towards more sustainable and effective beauty solutions. As consumers become increasingly aware of their environmental impact, the demand for such products will continue to rise. BlueSky is committed to supporting this transition with our packaging solutions that not only protect and preserve product efficacy but also promote sustainability. Contact us today to learn more and request samples.



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