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We have everything for the discerning brand owner, including aluminium bottles for eco-conscious brands in the personal care and home care markets. We can also have PET and PE, and use other lightweight and recyclable alternatives that can also be produced with recycled content.

Our full selection of bottle closures can be found in our Caps & Closures category. BlueSky’s wholesale bottles can be fitted with a huge variety of closure systems, including droppers, atomisers, trigger spray heads, flip tops, child resistant caps and many other variants. You will find common customer selections at the bottom of each product page.

You’ll find our bottles being used by brands in many sectors. Depending on the size and closure system required, they can be the ideal choice for storing and dispensing liquids, oils, pills, creams and many other formats.

If we can’t provide a solution from stock, we will be able to create the exact solution you require, with our plethora of moulds, colours and finishes available, and our expertise in managing the perfect solution from concept to creation and to final completion.

Our custom design services allow you to achieve a variety of colours and finishes on any of our products. If you would like to experience any of our bottles before committing to purchase, make sure you use our FREE sample service! (with free delivery within mainland UK)


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