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Pet Wellness: How Health-Conscious Trends are Driving Growth of Pet Supplements

BlueSky is embracing the burgeoning trend in pet health with our Duma HDPE containers, ideal for the evolving market of pet dietary supplements. As highlighted by Euromonitor in their article, ‘Growth and Expansion of Pet Dietary Supplements,’ pet owners are increasingly adopting a holistic approach to their pets’ wellbeing, aligning their own health-conscious behaviours with those they desire for their animals. The global market for pet dietary supplements is not just growing—it’s diversifying.

Our Duma HDPE containers are a perfect match for this growing demand. They offer a durable, safe, and recyclable solution for supplements that cater to the various health needs of pets. From supporting joint health to enhancing coat shine, these containers can securely hold a variety of supplements, reflecting the personalised approach owners are seeking for their pets’ nutrition and health.

Moreover, our HDPE containers are designed with compliance (FDA-approved) and convenience in mind, ensuring products are preserved in top condition from product filling to the pet owner’s home. Brands in the pet supplement space are aligning themselves with the values of a new era of pet care—one that prioritises longevity, quality of life, and sustainability. As we look to the future, BlueSky remains dedicated to excellence in packaging solutions for this market. Our Duma HDPE containers are just one example of how we’re meeting the needs of an evolving market, providing our partners with the tools they need to succeed in the dynamic world of pet health and nutrition.

In addition to our Duma HDPE containers, we also offer pouches, which are ideal flexible packaging solutions by themselves, or in conjunction with the Duma containers as a refill. Pouches offer several benefits that align with consumer preferences and industry trends. They are lightweight, which reduces shipping costs and carbon footprint, and their flexible nature allows for more efficient packing and storage, both in retail environments and at home. Moreover, pouches can be designed with resealable closures, making them convenient for pet owners to use and store. This feature also helps in maintaining the freshness and efficacy of the dietary supplements over time. Pouches can incorporate features like clear windows, allowing consumers to see the product inside, adding to the product’s appeal and trustworthiness.

Aluminium pill jars, tailored for the supplement market, give you the opportunity to make a significant mark. Available in sizes up to 350ml, these jars not only offer standout shelf appeal for pet health products but also prioritise safety and integrity with their FDA-approved inner lacquer. The inclusion of tamper-evident features ensures that pet owners can trust in the quality and safety of the supplements they provide to their beloved pets. This bold packaging solution, combining aesthetics, safety standards, and security features, is ideal for brands looking to enhance their offerings in the pet supplement sector, reinforcing consumer confidence and loyalty.

For more insights on pet dietary supplement trends and market growth, explore the full Euromonitor article for comprehensive analysis and data.


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