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The Comprehensive Guide to: HDPE Pharmaceutical and Health Care Packaging Wholesale Solutions

In the vast landscape of pharmaceutical, health care, and personal care products, the competition is steep, you know that packaging can make a world of difference. Here, we present a guide to understanding the value of our HDPE containers such as Duma bottles and jars – the preferred choice for plastic pill jars, tamper-evident packaging, and child-resistant packaging.


What are HDPE Containers?

Our wide variety of Duma bottles and containers are primarily made using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a durable, lightweight, and recyclable material. HDPE is a safe plastic with a high resistance to impact, making it ideal for safeguarding valuable products during transit and handling. Despite its strength, an HDPE container or an HDPE bottle is remarkably lightweight, which reduces shipping costs and enhances ease of use for customers.

Why Choose Tamper-Evident Packaging?

To ensure product integrity and user safety, many of our products feature tamper-evident (TE) closure systems. This type of packaging features a tamper seal that indicates if the product has been tampered with. Tamper-evident packaging adds a layer of trust and security, ensuring that your customers receive your pharmaceutical products as intended. Tamper-evident packaging is also used for skincare products, such as over-the-counter (OTC) creams to treat conditions such as very dry skin, eczema and nappy rash. It’s a fantastic choice for skincare products that have antibacterial and antifungal agents, for skin that requires extra care.

What is FDA Approved Packaging?

It’s crucial to acknowledge that Duma products have a stellar reputation for compliance on a global scale. They meet the relevant European Union requirements as laid out by Regulation 1935/2004/EC. This regulation aims to safeguard public health by setting forth the requirements for materials that come into contact with foodstuffs. In addition to this, Duma products also adhere to the requirements of Regulation 2023/2006/EC, often referred to as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Regulation. This ensures the application of quality control measures at every step of the manufacturing process to prevent contamination and guarantee product safety.

Perhaps most notably, Duma products are also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA approval is a globally recognised mark of safety and quality, denoting rigorous testing and review processes that a product must undergo to ensure its suitability for its intended use.

By complying with these regulations and gaining FDA approval, Duma packaging assures yours customers around the world of your unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and compliance.

Understanding Child-Resistant Packaging

In addition to the tamper seal, our pharmaceutical and health care packaging solutions include child-resistant packaging. These containers are designed to be difficult for children under the age of 5 to open, but still accessible to adults. The difference between tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging lies in their functions; while tamper-evident packaging is designed to show signs of tampering, child-resistant packaging is designed to prevent children from accessing potentially harmful substances.

Pharmaceutical Products Packaging

When it comes to packing pharmaceutical products such as pills, tablets, and capsules, our HDPE containers serve as the perfect pill containers. Our tamper-evident and child-resistant features ensure that medicines are secure, providing peace of mind to patients and health care professionals alike.

Packaging for Health Shops and Brands

Our Duma range is ideal for health shops and brands looking for packaging for products such as vitamins, dietary supplements, protein supplements, nutraceuticals, and herbal remedies. The FDA-approved HDPE ensures safe storage and the durability of the packaging ensures that the products retain their potency over time.


Personal Care Products Packaging

Our Duma packaging offers versatile solutions for personal care products, ranging from lotions and creams to gels and ointments. HDPE’s robustness makes it well-suited to house these diverse products, while the tamper-evident closures ensure product authenticity, giving customers confidence in their purchase.

Customisation for your Brand

We offer various customisation options for Duma bottles, from printing your brand logo to adding specific product information or unique designs. This way, your packaging not only protects your products but also enhances your brand image, making your products easily recognisable.

We understand that as brand owners and manufacturers, you may have specific needs and queries. Our expert team is always ready to assist you in your buyer journey. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to answer any questions about our products and services.

Contact us today to explore the remarkable benefits of Duma packaging, where we strike the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal.


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