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Aluminium Tubes: The Preferred Choice for Hair Colourant Packaging

When it comes to hair colourants, the stakes are high. The chemicals and dyes within these products need strict protection against air, moisture, and light, which can significantly alter their effectiveness and safety. Aluminium tubes step up to this challenge effortlessly. Their airtight seal (pierced at point of use) ensures that the potent formulas within remain as effective and of the highest quality. This level of protection is an absolute requirement, when considering how sensitive some hair colourant formulas can be to environmental variables.


Precision and Ease? Check!

The devil is in the details, especially with hair colourants. The precision afforded by the use of aluminium tubes can be the difference between an even, beautiful colour application and a patchy, disappointing outcome. The flexibility of aluminium allows for a gentle squeeze to release just the right amount of product, reducing waste and ensuring consumers and salon professionals can apply their colour with confidence.

Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer: The Hidden Hero for Hair Colourant Packaging

Epoxy phenolic lacquer acts as a protective barrier between the aluminium material and the product inside. Hair dyes and colourants often contain strong chemicals and active ingredients that could potentially react with aluminium. This reaction could compromise the product’s quality and safety. The lacquer prevents any potential interaction, ensuring that the product’s formula remains stable and effective throughout its shelf life. This level of protection is essential for maintaining consumer trust and delivering the promised results.

Custom Style and Accessible Design

First impressions matter, and well designed packaging can make all the difference. Aluminium tubes offer a sleek, modern look that can be customised to suit any brand’s aesthetic. Whether you’re going for bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated, the printing capabilities of aluminium tubes can bring your vision to life. It also aids ease of use for hairdressers and colourists, who want clear markings to guide their work in an often bustling work environment.

The integrity of hair colourant formulas is paramount for the desired colour outcome and hair health. Epoxy phenolic lacquer is specifically designed to resist the corrosive effects of these formulas, protecting against degradation caused by exposure to the product’s ingredients. This means that brands can assure their customers that the hair colour they apply will be just as vibrant, effective, and safe as intended, without the risk of contamination or alteration over time.

Tough Yet Light

Aluminium tubes offer the best of both worlds: they’re incredibly tough and resistant to damage yet surprisingly light. This combination is ideal for reducing transportation costs and the risk of breakage, whether in transit or in the hands of consumers and professionals. Where risk of product damage means that the formulation is negatively impacted, it means it is unusable, therefore aluminium’s durability ensures that your product is kept in a pristine condition.

Infinitely Recyclable

Choosing aluminium tubes is a smart environmental choice too, as aluminium is infinitely recyclable and lightweight. Aluminium’s claim to fame in the sustainability arena is its ability to be recycled endlessly without any loss in quality. This remarkable trait means that aluminium used in tubes today could have had countless former lives – perhaps once as part of a drinks can, or even another beauty product. Each time aluminium is recycled, it saves around 95% of the energy required to produce the same amount of aluminium from raw materials.

With their superior protection, environmental benefits, user-friendly design, customisable aesthetics, durability, and cost-effectiveness, aluminium tubes represent a holistic packaging solution for the hair colourant market. At BlueSky, we understand the unique demands of this industry and are committed to providing packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed these needs. Contact us to explore aluminium tubes, and discover how they can transform your product offering.


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