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The Future of Beverage Packaging: Understanding the EU’s Tethered Cap Mandate

From 3 July 2024, a significant change in the beverage industry will come into effect, as mandated by the European Union’s ambitious single-use plastics directive. In a move aimed at combating environmental pollution, this directive requires that caps and lids on all beverage containers with a capacity of up to three litres remain firmly attached to the bottle even after they have been opened. This regulation is part of the EU’s comprehensive approach to reducing the environmental impact of single-use plastics.


The necessity of such a regulation becomes clear when we consider the widespread impact of unattached caps on the environment. These small items, often overlooked in recycling processes, contribute significantly to plastic waste. By ensuring that caps stay attached to bottles, the likelihood of them being recycled increases, reducing their presence in landfills and natural environments.

UK’s Position on Tethered Caps

Whilst member states of the European Union are bound by this directive, the United Kingdom, post-Brexit, has the autonomy to make an independent decision regarding the implementation of similar regulations. This presents an interesting dynamic for companies operating in both markets, as they may need to navigate different packaging requirements.

BlueSky’s Tethered Caps

In response to these upcoming regulations, BlueSky is proud to introduce our all-new tethered cap, available in a 28/410 neck size. This design is compatible with all ROPP (Roll-On Pilfer-Proof) necks, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of beverage containers. Our tethered cap is not just a compliance measure; it represents our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions that align with global environmental goals.


The design of our tethered cap ensures that it remains attached to the bottle throughout its use, without compromising the consumer’s experience. It is easy to open and close, maintaining the freshness and integrity of the beverage inside. By adopting tethered caps, brands can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility, whilst also staying ahead of regulatory changes.

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