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Black PET Bottles

Explore versatile and sophisticated packaging with our range of Wholesale Black PET packaging. Whether you’re in the market for personal care, health care, wellness, or home care packaging, our diverse selection promises functionality and aesthetic appeal. From the classic Tall Boston Round Bottles and Straight Sided Jars, to the specialised PetPackers, every product in our collection combines the robustness of PET with the elegance of black, ensuring UV protection and visual appeal. Dive into a world where quality meets style, and explore customisation options to let your brand shine!

Wholesale Black PET Bottles

Are you looking for a functional, aesthetically pleasing packaging solution? Do you need to protect your light-sensitive products without compromising the quality or integrity of their contents? Look no further. Welcome to our comprehensive range of wholesale Black PET Bottles.


Black PET Tall Boston Round Bottles

A classic favourite, our Tall Boston Round Bottles are the embodiment of simplicity and practicality. Available in sizes ranging from 50ml to 500ml, these bottles suit a multitude of applications across various markets including personal care, health care, wellbeing, and home care. The black hue enhances UV protection, making it an ideal choice for light-sensitive products.

These bottles can be perfectly paired with a variety of accessories like screw caps, atomiser sprayers, flip top caps, and disc tops. They are an ideal choice for packaging lotions, gels, creams, and a myriad of other applications. Add customisation through various printing and decoration options for that unique touch that makes your brand stand out.

For a more precise, smaller product delivery, consider matching our Black PET bottles with treatment pumps. This arrangement is particularly suitable for a wide range of skincare applications. Alternatively, pair these bottles with a twist-turn closure for inverted directional use, perfect for scalp care applications.

Discover a wider range of PET Tall Boston Round Bottles here.

Black PET PetPackers

In the pharmaceutical and burgeoning vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS) market, the packaging is as important as the product it encases. Our Black PET PetPackers are designed to meet this need effectively, enhancing the perceived value of your brand while maintaining the integrity of your products. They are perfect for storing and dispensing health care, wellness, and pharmaceutical products. Consider pairing with a tinplate closure for a striking, premium look. Discover a wider range of PetPackers here.

Black PET Straight Sided Jars

Our Black PET Straight Sided Jars are suitable for a wide array of liquid and non-liquid products. Thanks to its smash-resistant nature, PET proves to be a reliable alternative to glass, providing robustness and appealing aesthetics in equal measure. From personal care to home care and health care, our straight-sided jars have it all covered. They offer an appealing look for skincare lotions, hair care, and male grooming products, such as post-shave balms. Discover a wider range of PET Straight Sided Jars here.

The Superiority of PET

PET is not just an alternative to glass; it is a superior packaging material. It is robust and smash resistant. The durability of PET makes it an ideal choice for a range of products.

Explore our range of black plastic bottles and black plastic jars. Be it customising the product to echo your brand image or wholesale purchase for mass production, our team is ready to assist you in your journey.


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