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Disc Tops

Discover BlueSky’s readily available range of Disc Tops, perfect for businesses seeking reliable, quick-to-despatch solutions. Our Disc Tops, compatible with a variety of bottle materials like PET and HDPE, come in neck sizes from 20mm to 28mm, ensuring a seamless fit for your products. With BlueSky, you benefit from a blend of functional excellence and visual appeal, along with swift delivery to keep your operations running smoothly.

With a high level of stocked Disc Tops, it means we can ensure rapid response and fulfilment for your needs.

Seal the Deal with BlueSky’s Quality PP Disc Tops

Our collection of Disc Tops are readily available for immediate despatch, and are the perfect solution for businesses seeking reliable and aesthetically pleasing dispensing options. These tops, compatible with various bottle materials and styles, offer a seamless fit and controlled dispensing for products across personal care to health care sectors.

Tailored to Meet Diverse Packaging Needs

Our Disc Tops come in a variety of neck sizes, ensuring the perfect seal for your products. Whether you’re packaging luxury hair care products or everyday home care essentials, our tops are designed to enhance both functionality and visual appeal.

Swift Delivery, Superior Quality

At BlueSky, we understand the urgency of your business needs. That’s why we maintain a high level of stocked Disc Tops, ensuring rapid response and fulfilment. Trust us to keep your operations running smoothly with our quick-to-despatch solutions.

A Spectrum of Options for Brand Distinction

Our Disc Tops are not just functional; they’re a statement of your brand’s identity. Available in various colours and styles, they are perfect for brands seeking to stand out in the marketplace. We know that you may have bespoke needs when it comes to colours, that’s what our expert team can support you with – contact us if you have a specific requirement and we can arrange this for you.

Choose BlueSky for Seamless Dispensing Solutions

Discover our wide range of Disc Tops today and experience the blend of quality and efficiency that BlueSky is known for. Take advantage of our free sample service, including delivery within mainland UK.

Contact us at or +44 (0)1472 240940 for expert advice or for a tailored solution that aligns with your brand’s unique requirements.

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