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Disc Tops

We supply high-quality, wholesale Disc Tops, where your business needs are met with precision, quality, and affordability. We understand the unique demands of brand owners and manufacturers, offering an extensive range of disc tops suitable for various end-use applications across a variety of industries including personal care, hair care, home care and health care.

With a high level of stocked Disc Tops, it means we can ensure rapid response and fulfilment for your needs.

In-stock and Ready to Despatch Disc Tops

There’s no need to worry about inventory shortages or long wait times. We maintain a steady supply of Disc Tops, ready to be despatched to your business as soon as you need them. With neck sizes ranging from 20mm to 28mm, our Disc Tops are designed to cater to your specific requirements and ensure a perfect fit every time.

Versatility at its Best

Our Disc Tops are the ideal solution for controlled dispensing of liquids. They are compatible with a wide variety of bottle materials PET and HDPE. This compatibility extends our disc tops’ versatility, making them suitable for a broad range of applications.

Wide Range of Options for Your Brand

We appreciate the importance of aesthetics in creating a strong brand image. Therefore, we offer our Disc Tops in numerous colour options and metal collar styles, allowing you to choose a design that best complements your brand. Aesthetic appeal and functional excellence come hand in hand with our wholesale Disc Tops. If you need a colour that is not shown on our website, please contact us and we can work on your specific requirements.

Boost Your Brand with Our Wholesale Disc Tops

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality packaging products makes us the go-to choice for businesses. We offer easy order placement and a seamless delivery process, within two days for stocked products.



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