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Wholesale PET Pill Jars with Snap-on Neck provide superior quality and enhanced security. They are specifically crafted for your health care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Ranging from 75ml to 250ml and available in a range of colours, our PET Pill Jars with Snap-on Neck are recyclable, robust, and tamper-evident. Discover the benefits of choosing PET, explore enhanced security with our snap-on caps, and find the perfect solution for light-sensitive products with our amber jars. Tailored to cater to the evolving demands of the Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS), health and well-being sectors.

Wholesale PET Pill Jars with Snap-on Neck

Welcome to our collection of PET Pill Jars with Snap-on Neck, where we provide a range of superior, safety-ensured packaging solutions specifically designed for your health care, nutritional, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical business needs. Our PET Pill Jars vary in size from 75ml to 250ml, in clear, amber, and burgundy colours. More colours are available and our team are here to arrange packaging that meets your specific requirements.

PET: The Sustainable Choice for Your Pharmaceutical and Health Care Packaging

Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, is a highly recyclable plastic material, accepted at nearly all UK recycling locations and is, in fact, it is Europe’s main recycled plastic material. It is also highly robust and shatter-proof, which is crucial for any product but especially those in these sectors.

Enhanced Security with Snap-On Caps

These Pill Jars are compatible with a snap-on caps, adding an extra layer of security to your health care and wellness products. These robust caps prevent tampering, ensuring that your products reach your customers in their original state – a paramount feature in the health care and pharmaceutical industry.

Amber PET Pill Jars for Light-Sensitive Products

To accommodate the needs of light-sensitive healthcare products, we offer amber coloured PET Pill Jars. This specific hue effectively shields your product from harmful light, preserving the product’s integrity and longevity.

Specialised Packaging for Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS)

We recognise the crucial role of packaging in the Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS) sector. As the VMS industry grows, integrating with categories like beauty, hair, skin, and sports nutrition, effective and safe packaging becomes increasingly significant. Our PET Pill Jars safeguard your products, enhancing the perceived brand value and preserving product integrity.

Catering to the Holistic Well-being Trend with PET Pill Jars

The holistic approach to wellness is a rising trend among consumers, creating a strong connection between their lifestyle choices and the products they consume. Our PET Pill Jars, with their recyclability and security features, align perfectly with this wellness-centric lifestyle, presenting your brand as a trusted partner in your customers’ well-being journey.


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