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BlueSky have been great to work with and we have found both their products and service to be of very high quality. They manage their supply chain and demand very well and are never out of stock, and we always receive next day delivery which is really helpful. The team are always eager and keen to go above and beyond with service levels and are very responsive.


For packaging which we regularly purchase and can accurately forecast, we wanted to achieve price breaks and better value for money, which we knew was possible. In addition, COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine has created supply chain issues with a knock-on impact to availability of supply. We need to ensure we have a robust supply chain that means we can meet our clients’ high expectations.

However, due to storage constraints and initial costs it was not possible to purchase packaging outright at our forecasted volumes. BlueSky provided a draw down service solution for us, enabling us to ensure we always have sufficient stock, can access more at short notice, and our storage ability and cash flow are not tied up with stock which wouldn’t be used for a period of time.


  • Our import shipping costs have been greatly reduced
  • Our order fulfilment time is reduced
  • Easy access to the packaging we need without long leads times
  • This has reduced our out of stock situation immensely at a time when many competitors are having supply chain issues
  • Allowed us to attract new customers and gives us a competitive edge

“BlueSky have been a great partner for 7 years.

They are friendly, responsive, and quick!”

“BlueSky’s continual support with our packaging needs and expanding range of products is outstanding.

We consider them our partners in business as the service they offer outstrips other suppliers.”


BlueSky is a professional and well organised company, and the support they provide is exceptional.

They maintain excellent quality in all aspects of our collaboration, they have a solution orientated mindset, and we have regular meetings so they can better understand our business challenges, resulting in a partnership problem solving approach which works for both companies and our customers.

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