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0.5 Gloss White Mezzo Pump and Collar with CB3-44 Matt Natural Cap

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Discover the practicality and style of our 0.5 Gloss White Mezzo Pump. This airless pump is ideal for various skincare, hair care, personal care, beauty, and health care products. It offers efficient product use with full evacuation and 360º use. Its sealed design significantly reduces contamination risks, making it suitable for preservative-free and natural formulations.
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Introducing the 0.5 Gloss White Mezzo Pump and Collar with CB3-44 Matt Natural Cap – Practical Packaging for Diverse Applications

Versatile Solution for Your Packaging Needs:
The 0.5 Gloss White Mezzo Pump, coupled with the CB3-44 Matt Natural Cap, is designed for a broad range of products including skincare, hair care, personal care, beauty, health care, and pharmaceuticals. Its design combines functionality with a clean, modern appearance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced Airless Technology: This airless pump ensures complete evacuation of the product, allows for usage at any angle, and reduces the risk of contamination. It’s an ideal solution for products without preservatives, preserving the quality of natural ingredients.
  • Compliant and Recyclable: Adhering to COSMOS and ECOCERT standards, our pump is certified 97% – 98% recyclable by CYCLOS-HTP for plain packaging in Europe. A version with more than 40% PCR Plus is also available, aligning with recycling initiatives.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Tailor your product packaging with our available sizes: 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. This selection caters to different product volumes and types.



  • Includes a natural cap
  • Features a top-fill mechanism
  • Composed of 100% plastic
  • Offers a dosage of 800 mcl


Why Choose Our Mezzo Pump and Cap?

  • Modern Design: The gloss white finish and matte natural cap provide a contemporary and clean look that complements your product.
  • Efficient and Practical: The airless technology minimizes product waste, ensuring customers get the most out of each purchase.
  • Ease of Use: The top-fill design simplifies the filling process and enhances user experience.
  • Recyclable Options: With high recyclability and options for recycled materials, our packaging supports waste reduction efforts.


Upgrade Your Product’s Packaging: Learn more about the 0.5 Gloss White Mezzo Pump and Collar with CB3-44 Matt Natural Cap. Contact us for details on how this practical and modern packaging solution can fit your product line.

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