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UV Metallisation: What is it?

The UV metallised process for Lotion Pumps is a manufacturing technique used to create a metallic appearance on plastic components, without the need for a separate metal collar. This process allows for a visually appealing solution to achieve a metal-like finish on plastic components.

The traditional method of achieving a metallic finish on plastic Lotion Pumps involves attaching a separate metal collar. However, this requires additional assembly steps, and may not always provide a seamless look.

The UV metallised process, on the other hand, involves the following steps:

  1. Plastic Injection Moulding: The Lotion Pump closure is first created through plastic injection moulding. This process shapes the plastic material into the desired design of the Lotion Pump closure.
  2. Surface Preparation: To ensure a smooth and uniform metallised finish, the plastic surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Any impurities or contaminants are removed to ensure proper adhesion of the metallised coating.
  3. Vacuum Metallisation: In this step, the Lotion Pump closure is placed inside a vacuum chamber, which is then evacuated to remove air and create a low-pressure environment. A thin layer of metallic material, such as aluminium, is heated until it vapourises. The vapourised metal condenses on the surface of the plastic closure, bonding to it and forming a thin, metallic layer.
  4. UV Curing: After the metallisation process, a UV (Ultraviolet) curing stage follows. UV light is applied to the metallised surface, causing the coating to harden and cure quickly. This step ensures that the metallised layer adheres firmly to the plastic substrate.

Benefits of UV metallised process for Lotion Pumps:

  1. Cost-effective: Eliminating the need for a separate metal collar reduces production costs and assembly time.
  2. Aesthetically pleasing: The UV metallised finish provides a high-quality metallic appearance that enhances the overall look of the Lotion Pump closure.
  3. Lightweight: Since the primary material is still plastic, the finished Lotion Pump remains lightweight, making it convenient for consumer use.
  4. Customisation: The UV metallised process allows for various colour options and finishes, enabling us to offer a wide range of choices to suit different product branding and marketing needs.

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