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Training Policy

BlueSky Solutions (UK) Ltd recognises the benefits of and subscribes to the ongoing development of a trained and qualified workforce at all levels of the business. To this end, the company promotes and maintains the following guiding principles:

  • The training objectives of the site are to provide each employee with the necessary skills to be able to fulfil his/her job requirements to the highest standard and to dual and multi-skill to ensure that the site operations are as effective and efficient as possible.
  • All employees are given an Employee Handbook which details the companies’ policies.
  • Job descriptions are available for all activities and processes on site, and these identify the skill requirements, responsibilities, and accountabilities.
  • Employees are given a comprehensive programme to ensure that they are fully equipped to fulfil the requirements of their job and have the necessary knowledge about product safety and quality.
  • The induction programme covers the basic elements of the organisation and includes company values, quality policy, personal hygiene rules, environmental policy, good housekeeping, and manufacturing practices etc.
  • If an employee is involved in manufacturing processes which requires an understanding of HACCP, they will be trained accordingly.
  • All employees receive a copy of the company handbook which contains a comprehensive range of information to enable them to perform their duties in accordance with the business objectives.
  • A training matrix and programme has been compiled for all employees to cover their specific needs. Only members of staff who have received appropriate training are permitted to undertake tasks which could affect the quality, safety, or legality of the product.
  • All items within this programme will be re-enforced at appropriate intervals to ensure employee competence in their daily job activity.
  • A training review is completed as a minimum annually to ensure that all staff training is current, and employees have the necessary competencies for their job role.