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Aluminium Tube, 12mm Diameter, Length available 40-70mm, Neck Options Available

Explore the versatility of our 12mm diameter Aluminium Tube, available in lengths from 40 to 70mm. This tube is a durable and stylish packaging option, suitable for a range of products from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to art supplies and beyond. Embrace the customisation possibilities with our aluminium tubes, for a packaging solution that combines functionality with elegance.


Aluminium Tubes – A Blend of Durability, Style, and Flexibility

Our Customisable 12mm diameter Aluminium Tube is engineered for brands seeking a premium packaging solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal. With its 12mm diameter and customisable lengths ranging from 40 to 70mm, this aluminium tube is perfect for a diverse array of products, offering a sleek, professional look alongside practical functionality.

Key Features:

  • Customisable Lengths (40-70mm): Select the length that best fits your product volume and packaging design needs, ensuring a perfect match for your specific requirements; we’ll then arrange this for you.
  • Durable Aluminium: Known for its strength and resistance to corrosion, aluminium protects your products while offering a lightweight and recyclable packaging solution.
  • Wide Range of Applications: This tube is suitable for an extensive variety of uses, from cosmetic creams and pharmaceutical gels to precision glues and fine art colours, making it a versatile choice for different industries.
  • Versatile Neck Options: With multiple neck options available, you can select the ideal closure mechanism to match your product’s dispensing needs, enhancing functionality. You can choose from: extended nozzle, for really precise, directional use; sealed nozzle, that is pierced by the cap; open nozzle.


  • Custom-Fit for Your Brand: Tailor the tube’s length and choose the appropriate size to create a bespoke packaging solution that aligns with your brand identity and product specifications.
  • Enhanced Product Protection: Aluminium’s barrier properties ensure long-lasting preservation of the contents, maintaining quality and extending shelf life. You break the seal of the tube with the cap, making sure there is no contamination or waste of product before purchase.
  • Sustainable Packaging Choice: Embrace sustainability with a recyclable material that reflects your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Elevated Aesthetic Appeal: The metallic sheen of aluminium adds a touch of luxury to your packaging, standing out on the shelf and appealing to discerning consumers. We can also support your branding goals with print options, labelling and individual product carton options.

Contact us to learn more about how this elegant, durable, and flexible solution can meet your needs, enhancing both the presentation and preservation of your products.

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Aluminium Tube

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