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24/410 Black Lotion Pump with Gloss Silver Collar, Diptube 210mm FBOG [1-1.5ml]

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Enhance your packaging with our 24/410 black Lotion Pump, featuring an elegant gloss silver collar. Perfect for a wide array of liquid products such as soaps, balms, lotions, creams, and gels in the personal and home care sectors. This pump dispenses 1-1.5ml and its standout gloss silver collar adds a premium touch to a wide range of bottles, making it an ideal choice for brands and contract manufacturers seeking to combine functionality and luxury appeal.
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The 24/410 Black Lotion Pump with Gloss Silver Collar – A Synthesis of Style and Precision

Our 24/410 Black Lotion Pump, adorned with a gloss silver collar, is the quintessential accessory for brands aiming to distinguish their products in the personal care, skincare, hair care, and home care markets. Designed to fit seamlessly on bottles with a 24/410 neck, this pump is not just functional but also adds a touch of sophistication to your product packaging.

Key Features:

  • Gloss Silver Collar: The silver collar brings a modern, premium aesthetic to the pump, enhancing the visual appeal of your product on shelves and in homes.
  • Versatile Liquid Applications: Ideal for dispensing a variety of products, from liquid soaps and lotions to creams and gels, with consistency and ease.
  • Precise Dispensing: The lotion pump is designed to deliver between 1 and 1.5ml, allowing for accurate and efficient product use.
  • 210mm Dip Tube: The length of the dip tube ensures compatibility with a range of 24/410 bottle sizes, offering flexibility in packaging design. We offer a dip tube cutting service, to ensure it perfectly fits the bottle you choose.
  • Durable Construction: Made for longevity, the pump mechanism and materials are of high quality, ensuring reliable performance.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Provides consumers with a convenient, mess-free, and precise dispensing solution.
  • Elevated Brand Perception: The sleek design and premium look of the gloss silver collar elevate the overall packaging, reinforcing your product’s quality and luxury.
  • Broad Compatibility: Suitable for a wide array of personal and home care products, this pump offers brands versatility in product packaging.

Discover the difference our 24/410 Black Lotion Pump with Gloss Silver Collar can make to your product line. Contact us to learn more about integrating this stylish, precision dispensing solution into your packaging.

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