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Boston Round Bottles

Welcome to our range of PETG Boston Round Bottles, reflecting a perfect amalgamation of robustness, aesthetic finesse, and multifunctionality. Here at BlueSky, our range spans sizes from 50ml to 150ml, and meet the varied demands of industries encompassing personal care, hair care, health care, well-being, and home care. Boston Round bottles have a distinct round shoulder design, and compatibility with a host of caps, closures and dispensers.

Wholesale PETG Boston Round Bottles

Welcome to our extensive range of wholesale Boston Round Bottles. Crafted from high-quality Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified (PETG), these bottles are designed with strength and versatility in mind. With sizes spanning from a compact 50ml to a 150ml, our Boston Round Bottles cater to a wide array of packaging needs. A preferred choice among brand owners and manufacturers, these bottles provide an effective packaging solution for various end-use applications.

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

PETG is known for its greater durability compared to regular PET. This robustness offers excellent resistance against different types of products. In addition to their impressive strength, our Boston Round bottles boast a glossy finish, adding an appealing aesthetic touch to your product. While slightly less clear than PET, the glossy finish of PETG delivers a luxurious look that can enhance product visibility.

Versatile Packaging Solution

Our Boston Round Bottles are compatible with all types of substances, from liquids and gels to creams and lotions. Coupled with their unmatched durability, these bottles prove to be an exceptionally versatile packaging solution. They are designed to coordinate seamlessly with a multitude of caps, closures, pumps, sprayers, and dispensers, providing comprehensive packaging solutions for any product.

Customisation at Its Best

To ensure that our Boston Round Bottles align with your brand’s unique identity, we offer a wide range of customisation options. Add a personal touch to your packaging with our extensive selection of printing and decoration services. A well-customised bottle can significantly enhance your product’s market appeal, helping you to stand out from the competition.

Boston Round for Your Business Needs

By choosing our wholesale Boston Round bottles, you are investing in a packaging solution that balances strength, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. These bottles cater to an extensive range of applications, making them an industry favourite for durable and visually pleasing packaging solutions.


Leverage our top-quality, customisable, wholesale Boston Round bottles today. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs, and let us guide you in making the best packaging decision for your business.


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