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Tubular Bottles

Welcome to our selection of Clear PET Tubular Bottles. Available in sizes ranging from 50ml to 250ml, these recyclable bottles are a perfect match for a multitude of applications. Their compatibility with a wide array of accessories, including atomiser sprayers, screw cap closures, and treatment pumps, makes them an ideal choice for diverse products such as scalp treatments, room sprays, hair mists, and skincare solutions.

Clear PET Tubular Bottles: Versatile and Recyclable

Introducing our Clear PET Tubular Bottles, a versatile and recyclable packaging choice for a broad spectrum of industries. Ranging from 50ml to 250ml, these recyclable bottles are designed to cater to diverse applications including aromatherapy, health care, scalp care treatments, room sprays, hair mists, skincare solutions, and targeted health care products.

Why Clear PET Tubular Bottles?

  • Recyclable Material: Committed to sustainability, these bottles are made from recyclable PET, reducing environmental impact.
  • Size Variety: Available in sizes from 50ml to 250ml, catering to different product volumes and uses.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The clear PET material offers a glass-like clarity, enhancing the visual appeal of your product.
  • Lightweight & Durable: These bottles are easier to handle and transport than glass and are resilient against breakage, ensuring product safety.

Unmatched Compatibility with Accessories

Our Clear PET Tubular Bottles are compatible with a wide range of accessories, including:

  • Atomiser Sprayers: Perfect for creating fine mists for room sprays or hair care products.
  • Screw Cap Closures: Provide a secure and classic closure for various applications.
  • Treatment Pumps: Ideal for dispensing controlled amounts of product, such as skincare serums or health care lotions.
  • Directional Twist-Turn Applicators: These highly functional applicators are perfect for targeted applications, like scalp care treatments.

The Perfect Choice for Diverse Applications

With their superior clarity and flexible design, these bottles are a prime choice for products like rejuvenating room sprays, revitalising hair mists, advanced skincare solutions, and targeted health care applications, ensuring your product not only looks great but is also packaged effectively.


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