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Straight Sided Jars

Our diverse array of Straight Sided Jars are manufactured from high-grade Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Our collection spans a comprehensive range of sizes, from a compact 25ml to an ample 1.5L, suitable for a multitude of product applications. Explore the durability, versatility, and sustainability of our PET jars, an ideal choice across various industries.

Advantages of Choosing PET

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is widely recognised for its multiple merits in the packaging landscape. Our PET jars are not only fully recyclable but are also accepted at virtually all UK recycling locations, and it is the main recycled plastic in Europe.

PET is also valued for its durability and resilience, offering enhanced protection against breakages. We have clear PET options, that have crystal clear transparency, to replicate the aesthetic allure of glass, without the shatter risk.

Superior Quality Caps

Our Straight Sided Jars are suitable with robust screw-on caps, with options available in either boreseal or IHS (Induction Heat Sealed) lined options. Boreseal caps offer a strong seal, minimising leakage and contamination. IHS lined caps are optimal for heat sealing, ensuring product freshness and delivering tamper evidence, thereby upholding the integrity of your product.

25ml PET Straight Sided Jars

Compact and travel-friendly, these 25ml jars are perfect for a range of mini liquid products, including skin care products. Their robustness, coupled with crystal clear clarity (if choosing clear PET), make these jars an excellent alternative to glass.

100ml PET Straight Sided Jars

Travel-friendly size, these 100ml PET Straight Sided Jars are suitable for an array of products across personal care, home care, and health care categories. Ideal for skincare lotions, hair putties, capsules, powders, and many more. Offering added protection for light-sensitive products, our amber PET jars are excellent choice.

250ml Clear PET Straight Sided Jar

Its wide opening and straight sides make filling, refilling, and branding easy. The 250ml PET Straight Sided Jars are ideal for liquid, powder and capsule storage across the personal care, hair care, well-being, home care sectors.

450ml White PET Straight Sided Jar

This versatile jar is perfect for an assortment of products, from body creams and home care items to nutritional and food products. Its sturdy, smash-resistant design guarantees your products remain safe and secure.

1+ Litre PET Straight Sided Jars

Designed for storing a variety of liquid and non-liquid products such as powders, our collection of larger (1, 1.4, 1.5L) Straight Sided Jars are suitable for diverse applications, including personal care, nutritional care and home care.


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