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Oval Bottles

PET Oval Bottles –  where elegance and practicality converge to create the perfect packaging solution. Available in sizes ranging from 50ml to 250ml, these clear PET bottles boast a glass-like appearance, combining the beauty of glass with the shatterproof reliability of PET. Ideal for a wide range of markets including personal care, health care, well-being, and home care, the unique Dutch Oval design of these bottles sets your products apart, offering a premium look and versatile functionality.

Wholesale PET Oval Bottles – Where Sophistication Meets Practicality

Our PET Oval Bottles, a perfect fusion of sophisticated design and practical functionality. Ranging from 50ml to 250ml, these clear PET bottles are tailored to brands looking to make a statement in the personal care, health care, well-being, and home care markets.

Why Choose PET Oval Bottles?

  • Glass-Like Appearance: Our PET bottles mimic the elegance of glass with their clear, brilliant finish, without the risk of breakage.
  • Shatterproof Durability: Ensure safety and longevity with these robust bottles, ideal for a variety of settings.
  • Showcase Your Product: The excellent clarity of PET enhances product visibility, making it easier to highlight the quality and colour of your product inside.

Versatility in Functionality

  • Range of Accessories: Customise these bottles with a variety of accessories, such as screw caps, atomiser sprayers, flip-top closures, and treatment pumps (sold separately) to suit your specific product needs.
  • Ideal for Diverse Products: These bottles are especially suitable for lotions, gels, and creams, where the combination with treatment pumps can provide a precise, controlled delivery, enhancing the user experience, particularly in specialised skincare applications.

Choose PET Oval Bottles for Your Brand’s Success

Their distinctive shape and clear, glass-like appearance offer a premium feel, while their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of products.


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