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Cylindrical Bottles

Welcome to our diverse collection of Wholesale PET Cylindrical Bottles, where premium quality meets versatile application. With sizes ranging from 7.5ml to 500ml, we ensure a solution for a myriad of industry-specific needs. These bottles, synonymous with durability and clarity, are designed to showcase your products in the best light while ensuring practical storage and labelling. Each bottle is a testament to quality and functional elegance, setting the stage for your product’s success.

Wholesale PET Cylindrical Bottles

Premium Quality Meets Versatility

Welcome to our select collection of wholesale PET Cylindrical Bottles. Our product range encompasses sizes from 7.5ml to 500ml, ensuring we cater to a variety of industry-specific needs.

Wide Range of Applications

Our Cylindrical PET Bottles are designed with versatility in mind, making them the perfect choice for a broad spectrum of applications. Whether you are packaging liquids, creams, gels, or lotions, our bottles are a fantastic option for you. The cylindrical design guarantees not only a visually pleasing look but also practical storage and labelling.

Wholesale: Cost-Effective & Efficient

Opting for wholesale purchases of our Cylindrical Bottles ensures you enjoy the benefits of efficient inventory management, cost savings, and a reliable supply for your manufacturing requirements. Our commitment to a wholesale approach guarantees that we cater to your demands.

Customisation: Make It Yours

We acknowledge the importance of brand uniqueness. That’s why we offer customisation options for our cylindrical PET bottles. From various printing options to creative decorations, we provide multiple avenues to transform these bottles into a true reflection of your brand.

Quality & Durability: A Robust Choice

Our Cylindrical Bottles are not just visually appealing—they are synonymous with quality and durability. Manufactured from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), these bottles offer strength, impact resistance, and excellent clarity with clear PET, ensuring your product shines through.

Environmentally Responsible

We understand the importance of sustainability in today’s world. Our Cylindrical PET Bottles are fully recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice that supports your brand’s commitment to the environment. PET is also the main plastic recycled material in Europe.


For brand owners and manufacturers considering their packaging options, our Cylindrical PET Bottles are the perfect solution. Combining quality, customisation, and recyclability, our bottles meet many requirements.


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