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Clear PET

Welcome to your one-stop destination for Wholesale Clear PET Packaging, where quality meets clarity. Whether your focus is personal care, health care, well-being, or home care, our diverse and extensive selection of clear PET bottles and jars promises to cater to all your packaging needs, ensuring both aesthetics and durability. Discover a range that spans elegant Apollo Bottles, versatile Veral Bottles, to practical Pharma Sirop Bottles and more, each designed with the unbeatable benefits of PET.

Wholesale Clear PET Packaging

Explore our extensive selection of clear PET bottles and jars, designed to cater to a variety of industries, including personal care, health care, well-being, and home care.

Clear PET Bottles

Our high-quality, durable, and visually appealing packaging solutions include a range of bottle types such as Apollo, Boston Round, Dumpy Boston Round, Veral, Pharma Veral, Cylindrical, Foamer, Oval, Cosmo Sirop, Pharma Sirop, Square, and Tubular, available in sizes from 7ml to 1L, with numerous closure options.

Read more about why clear PET is a top choice for personal care products here.

Clear PET Jars

Additionally, we offer a versatile collection of clear PET jars, ranging from 25ml to 2L, across PetPackers, Pill Jars with Screw-on/Snap-on Neck, and our extensive Straight Sided Jars, suitable for various applications and featuring different closure types. These jars meet safety requirements for diverse product applications, ensuring quality preservation.

We have produced a handy guide to choosing the right PET Straight Sided Jar for your product, here.

The Benefits of Clear PET

Choosing our PET packaging not only provides aesthetic and practical solutions but also contributes to sustainability initiatives, as PET is Europe’s main recycled plastic material. Fully customisable, our products can seamlessly integrate with your brand’s aesthetics.


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