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Apollo Bottles

Welcome to our range of cyclindrical Apollo PET Bottles, where elegance meets functionality in packaging. Crafted from Europe’s most widely recycled plastic, our PET bottles offer unparalleled clarity and durability. Ideal for a diverse range of products, from home care to personal care, cosmetics to fragrances, Apollo PET Bottles are the epitome of versatility. Experience the perfect blend of safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal with our shatterproof, lightweight bottles, designed to bring your brand to life.

Wholesale PET Cylindrical Apollo Bottles

Apollo PET Bottles combine aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Crafted from high-quality PET material, these bottles are not just visually stunning but also boast Europe’s most widely recycled plastic, making them a top choice for your brand.

Why Choose Apollo PET Bottles?

  • Europe’s Favourite Recycled Plastic Material: PET, the cornerstone of our bottles, is Europe’s most recycled plastic, aligning your brand with environmental consciousness.
  • Glass-Like Clarity: The crystal-clear appearance of Apollo PET Bottles ensures your product stands out on the shelf, attracting customers with its pristine look.
  • Shatterproof Assurance: Unlike glass, our PET bottles are shatterproof, offering safety and durability in various environments, from bathrooms to travel kits.
  • Lightweight Design: The lightweight nature of PET makes Apollo bottles easy to handle and reduces shipping costs, a win-win for both businesses and consumers.

Versatility Meets Style

Their  is universal design perfect for a range of products, including:

  • Home care essentials
  • Cosmetic and skincare products (moisturisers, lotions, balms)
  • Personal Care items like shower gels, shampoos, conditioners
  • Body mists and fragrances

Particularly popular for perfumed body mists, Apollo bottles paired with an atomiser sprayer showcase your fragrance, ensuring a handy, luxurious experience for the user.

Customisation at Its Best

Apollo PET Bottles offer a vast selection of caps, closures, and dispensers to suit your specific needs:

This range of options allows for a uniform yet versatile packaging solution across various product lines.

Sizes to Fit Every Need

Available in sizes ranging from 30ml to 500ml, Apollo PET Bottles cater to both small-scale personal use and larger product requirements.

Distinctive Design Details

The distinctive flat shoulder of our bottles allows caps and dispensers to sit flush with the shoulder, providing a sleek and professional look.


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