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Amber Glass Dropper Bottles

Discover the elegance and versatility of our wholesale Amber Glass Dropper Bottles at BlueSky. Ranging from 5mL to 100mL, our premium quality amber bottles are a perfect fit for diverse applications across various industries. Crafted to protect the integrity of light-sensitive formulations, they offer a harmonious blend of form and function. Explore these customisable, recyclable, and UV-resistant packaging solutions.

Wholesale Amber Glass Dropper Bottles

Welcome to our comprehensive range of premium quality, versatile, and Amber coloured Glass Dropper Bottles. We offer a wide selection of stock bottles ranging from 5mL to 100mL, perfect for various industries and applications. These Amber Glass Dropper Bottles are compatible with a range of accessories, making them an ideal choice for brand owners and manufacturers across a range of industries.

Why Choose Amber Glass Dropper Bottles?

Amber Glass Dropper Bottles are engineered to meet the diverse needs of health care, personal care, home care, and many other sectors. Crafted from UV-resistant, amber-coloured glass, these bottles ensure the preservation of sensitive substances like serums, essential oils, and more. The amber colour protects contents from harmful UV rays, maintaining product integrity and potency. Paired with our Dropper Caps, Button Droppers, or Pipettes, it creates a perfect package for small dose products.

Versatility for Multiple Industries

Our amber dropper bottles cater to an array of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, personal care, home care, aromatherapy, and more. Whether you need to store therapeutic essential oils or precise pharmaceutical formulations, our glass dropper bottles offer exceptional compatibility.


Glass is a highly recyclable material, able to be reclaimed and remoulded multiple times without loss of quality or purity.

Customisation Options

At BlueSky we provide decoration and printing services to meet your unique branding needs. Add a personal touch to your glass bottles through printing and decoration options, allowing your brand to shine through and resonate with customers.

Advantages of Amber Glass Dropper Bottles:

  • UV-resistant, ensuring optimal protection for light-sensitive substances like serums and essential oils.
  • Versatile range of sizes (5mL to 100mL), catering for various product volumes and applications.
  • Precise dispensing with dropper caps enables controlled dosages, ideal for health care and personal care products.

Wholesale Opportunities

Discover the perfect packaging solution for your health care, personal care, or aromatherapy products with our premium Amber Glass Dropper Bottles. Benefit from rapid delivery for our in stock products, and customisation options that cater to your branding requirements.

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