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Personal Hygiene Policy

These rules apply to EVERYONE entering manufacturing areas including visitors and contractors.

All hair including facial hair must be covered by a hairnet and beard snood, (A few days hair growth constitutes wearing a beard snood).
Uniforms are provided, these must be kept clean and worn during working hours. Arms and legs must be covered.

Only company issue safety knives are allowed to be used on site. These must be signed out and back in at the end of use, regularly checked for breakage and kept on your person during use.

Unless required for your position. All personal items (including mobile telephones) must be left in your locker prior to work. If there are circumstances which require you to have your mobile phone with you then this must be agreed with your line manager. Only Supervisors, Line Leaders, Mixing Operator and Managers are permitted to use their phones in the factory for work reasons.

Hand washing must be carried out prior to entering the factory and as often as deemed necessary to maintain good hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser is provided to be used on entrance to the factory via outside and from the warehouse and offices.

White coats/disposable coats must be removed before visiting the toilet or canteen. They must be kept clean and left in your locker at the end of the day.

Cuts and abrasions must be covered with a clean blue waterproof dressing. If you lose it during the day, you must find it or report it missing to your line leader.

Chewing gum and sweets are not permitted in the factory or supporting areas. Smoking and e-cigarettes are only permitted in the smoke area at the side of the agency canteen.

Jewellery with the exception of a plain wedding band, a pair of small sleeper earrings (continuous loop and less than 20mm diameter) is not permitted. This includes watches and external visible body piercings.

Fingernails must be kept short, nail varnish, nail art or false nails must be covered with disposable gloves provided.

You must inform your manager or supervisor if you have a medical condition and need to wear a medical alert bracelet or neck chain.

If you are off work due to any infectious disease, then you must sign a declaration on your return to state you are free from such illness on your return to work.

If you are taking medication you must inform you manager who will keep it in a safe place or if you have a locker with a key you are permitted to store it there until use. Do not bring medication into manufacturing.

No strong or obvious perfume / aftershave should be worn whilst working in the mixing filling and packing areas. You must not wear excess make-up that may create contamination. e.g., clumping mascara, false eyelashes, nail varnish (unless gloves are worn).