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PCR PET Packaging Range

Think Sustainably

PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled content) PET is an environmentally sustainable solution for reusing single-use materials. PCR PET bottles are plastic bottles made from PET that has already been used by the consumer and recycled.


Switching to PCR PET plastics for your packaging can help forge a circular economy.

A circular economy means keeping a constant flow of materials around a ‘closed loop’ system. This keeps the value of plastics in the economy, without jeopardising the environment and with little consequence to the plastic’s viability and durability.

BlueSky is committed to supporting a circular economy. A key element of our sustainability strategy has been re-framing our supply chain to provide customers with sustainable packaging solutions, including products that contain recycled content.

What’s the difference between PCR and virgin PET?

There is little difference between virgin PET and PCR PET as a packaging material. The main difference is the colour, as PCR PET may contain coloured specs or flecks.

The material can be more challenging to mould and process as it has less consistency than virgin plastic, but once accepted the production can be managed, making PCR PET a viable alternative to virgin plastic.

The demand for it

PCR plastic is a key part of meeting the varied demands of the markets we serve, allowing us to use recycled content without compromising on quality and ensuring that our clients continue to have access to relevant and sustainable rigid packaging.

This range includes jars and bottles in an impressive variety of sizes. You can also select the PCR content of each product, ranging between 10% and 100%, allowing you to create a sustainably packaged product to your own specification. If you choose over 30% PCR content, you avoid the UK Plastic Packaging Tax too.

By incorporating PCR plastic into your products you can help show your consumers that you care about the impact of packaging on the environment and wish to work towards a more sustainable future.

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