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Sustainable Solutions

Join us on the journey to sustainability with BlueSky’s eco-friendly packaging solutions. From PCR content to infinitely recyclable materials, we offer a range of sustainable options that don’t compromise on performance. Moreover, we foster design principles that minimise waste, with a keen focus on refillable and reusable packaging. Explore how our commitment to the environment can align with your sustainability goals.


100% PE Disc Top – Coming Soon!

As the demand for more sustainable packaging continues to grow, BlueSky is poised to introduce an exciting addition to our product line-up that marries practicality with environmental responsibility. Meet our soon-to-arrive disc top, a welcome addition to our range of

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Sustainable Packaging and Circularity

The recent insights from Euromonitor’s “Unwrapping Sustainable Packaging: Redesign for Circularity” highlight a critical juncture for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) industry. With over four trillion retail packaging units contributed by FMCGs in 2023 and an anticipated rise, the

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Why Choose Our Aluminium Shaker Can?

At BlueSky, we’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our UK stock: the Aluminium Shaker Can, now available for rapid delivery. We have promoted this packaging solution for some time but now it’s in stock and we don’t want

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Aluminium Tubes in Beauty, Skincare and Health Care

We’re excited to explore the benefits of one particular pack type, the aluminium tube. This pack format has existed for years, in fact, it has an almost nostalgic appeal. We have witnessed that its popularity amongst brand owners and consumers

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Watch our Aluminium Round-Up and See What’s Coming!

We’re excited to invite you to watch a video presentation featuring our own Head of Supply Chain, Adrian Wade, and Marketing Manager, Laura Grant. In this insightful round-up, they delve into one of BlueSky’s core product lines: Aluminium Packaging. Aluminium,

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