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We’ve been working with BlueSky for about 18 months now, for various products, and it’s been a very easy and valuable supplier relationship. We have contract orders and smaller volume orders, and the team at BlueSky are always on hand to help us out with what we need, sorting out quicker deliveries if we need them, working on pricing and good after care support to. We’ve met several of the team now and value BlueSky as one of our key suppliers.


The main issue was regular, reliable supply of increasing volumes, at the prices we needed, to secure larger customers. BlueSky made it easy for us to set up contract supply to keep our customers happy, and with most of what we use being core products, we’ve never really had any issues with supply since. They’re very open and communicate well with us to make sure we know what’s happening.



  • Increased revenue
  • Increased production
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs
  • We have the relationship now to be able to offer custom packaging for customers
  • We can now suit our customers’ needs better

“I have been using BlueSky for over 18 months now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for this type of packaging. Not only are the prices good, but the support the team gives us is more valuable than constantly reducing prices.”


“They’ve helped us grow in the last 12 months, without Vern, Cassia and the rest of the team, we’d have struggled. A great family run business, that works for its customers.”



Overall, it’s been a pleasure working with the team at BlueSky. They are all willing to help so we can achieve what we set out to do. I won’t go anywhere else for this kind of packaging now we have a good relationship with BlueSky.


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