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100% PE Disc Top – Coming Soon!

As the demand for more sustainable packaging continues to grow, BlueSky is poised to introduce an exciting addition to our product line-up that marries practicality with environmental responsibility. Meet our soon-to-arrive disc top, a welcome addition to our range of caps and closures.

The disc top, made entirely from polyethylene (PE), underscores our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility. It is fully recyclable and designed to fit seamlessly with both PET and PE bottles, offering brands a straightforward way to enhance their green credentials.

Designed with the User in Mind

Beyond its recyclable nature, the disc top features a lockable design, to avoid accidental spills and leaks. This feature is particularly beneficial for products that are often on the move, providing a reliable seal to keep the contents secure. And for bathroom essentials that come into contact with water, this disc top is a robust ally, ensuring that shower-time products maintain their quality.

E-Commerce Resilience

In today’s era of online shopping, this disc top shines with its ISTA 6 compliance, ready to face the challenges of shipping and handling. This attention to durability aims to deliver a positive unboxing experience for the end customer, cutting down on the hassles of returns due to damage.

A Forward-Thinking Choice

As we prepare to stock this new disc top, BlueSky looks forward to offering a product that aligns with consumer expectations of environmental and practical packaging. Stay tuned for the arrival of a product!

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