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The Secret to Success for Refill and Reuse Packaging

Refill and reuse packaging projects are attracting significant media attention and investment from major brands and retailers. However, consumer adoption remains relatively low. According to insights shared by David Knies and Matt Millington from PA Consulting in an article by Packaging Europe, the solution to this challenge might lie in enhancing the design appeal of packaging.

The Consumer Conundrum with Sustainable Packaging

The article in Packaging Europe mentioned that a recent survey revealed a paradox: while 80% of consumers agree on the necessity of reducing plastic waste, nearly 78% do not choose products with reusable and refillable packaging. This indicates that simply promoting the environmental benefits is not enough. Overcoming perceived value barriers and confusion is essential, making this primarily a design issue.

The Power of Beautiful Design

For refill and reuse packaging to be successful, it’s crucial to blend design with behavioural economics. Humans are drawn to convenience and habit. If sustainable packaging requires too much effort, consumers will opt for simpler alternatives. The key is to create packaging that is sustainable, beautiful, and desirable, offering quality and aspiration.

Cross-Sector Insights

To make sustainable packaging desirable, brands can draw inspiration from other sectors. For instance, Knies and Millington highlight the refillable deodorant market, valued at $1.8bn globally, which includes brands like Fussy and Wild, that use sleek designs, unique scents, and limited edition graphics to attract consumers. These brands focus on what makes their products appealing beyond just their sustainability credentials.

Designing for Desire

The challenge for designers across all sectors is to create aesthetically pleasing refill and reuse options that drive behavioural change. The goal is to make reuse packaging so attractive that it becomes a must-have, thus encouraging sustainable behaviours without making consumers feel guilty for their choices.

BlueSky’s Role in Sustainable Packaging

At BlueSky, we understand the critical role that design plays in promoting sustainable behaviours. We offer a range of packaging solutions that not only meet the high standards of sustainability but also excel in design and functionality. Our sleek 100g Aluminium Shaker Can is perfect for dry powder formulations in personal care, cosmetics, home care, and food. With its multi-hole cap and closure, it ensures fine and consistent product distribution while being refillable and reusable.

We also offer an innovative Roll-On with Aluminium Can for deodorant and antiperspirant products. This product is a fantastic alternative to traditional glass and plastic roll-on bottles, providing a sustainable and stylish option. Here are some of its features:

  • Small and Lightweight: Ideal for on-the-go use, making it convenient for consumers.
  • Unbreakable: Durable and sturdy, ensuring product longevity.
  • Higher Capacity: Can hold 50% more product compared to glass containers of the same format, being 75% lighter.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Sits strikingly alongside other underarm products in aluminium aerosol spray format.
  • Recyclable: Easily disassembled, with each piece being 100% recyclable.

At BlueSky, we are committed to supporting sustainable packaging solutions that promote refill and reuse practices. Our aluminium bottles are particularly well-suited for these schemes, offering a durable and eco-friendly option for brands looking to minimise their environmental footprint. When paired with pouches, our aluminium bottles provide a comprehensive refillable system that enhances convenience for consumers and sustainability for brands.

Adrian Wade, our Head of Supply Chain, offers valuable insights into the benefits of using aluminium bottles in refill and reuse programs. These bottles are not only lightweight and unbreakable but also infinitely recyclable, making them an ideal choice for various applications.

While BlueSky provides the highest quality refillable and reusable packaging solutions, it is crucial that our customers conduct their own relevant testing to ensure that these products meet their specific requirements. This includes compatibility testing with their formulations and any necessary regulatory compliance checks.

Join the Refill and Reuse Revolution

As more consumers become environmentally conscious, the demand for sustainable packaging solutions continues to grow. BlueSky is here to help your brand stay ahead of the curve with packaging that supports a circular economy. Whether you are looking to enhance your product line with refillable bottles or need guidance on sustainable packaging options, we are your trusted partner in achieving your sustainability goals. Contact us today.


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