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The rise of waterless

We are thrilled to offer development and manufacture of waterless products for the skin and hair care categories. We are witnessing a growing, diverse range of applications for waterless, powder products.

Following the in-roads made by the phenomenally successful aerosol dry shampoo format, non-aerosol dry shampoo powders for cleansing and texturising the hair have firmly established themselves. The skin care category has been bolstering this waterless revolution of late, with cleansers, exfoliators and serums joining this sustainable cohort of products.

A little goes a long way
In skincare, waterless powder cleansers and exfoliators sometimes require water at the point of use, to aid the distribution of the product on the skin, for maximum efficacy. This is also the case for powder shampoos that are for use in the shower (different to dry shampoo rinse-free formats). A little powder really does go a long way.

There are multiple benefits of ‘going waterless’ with your formulations. It has sustainability benefits, and many consumers are consciously seeking to buy products that have a lesser impact on the environment, by reducing their carbon footprint in various ways. The removal of water, which is a key leading ingredient in many skincare products, is one such way.

In March 2021, PackagingNews reported on a survey of UK consumers, conducted by The Pull Agency, entitled ‘Sustainability – Do your consumers really care?’:

“The research found that nine out of ten shoppers (88%; rising to 93% of Generation Z) look for sustainability credentials in their beauty and personal care purchases and a third (32%) have deliberately chosen a sustainable brand in the past, up to 35% of Generation Z.”[1]

Sensory experience
Powders also offer a texture experience and they do stand out in these categories.

The look, the feel, and the texture transformation, all help to create engaging experiences.

There are powder products that are not used without water entirely though; some powder products do require water to activate them at the point of use. However, the key sustainability benefit is that water is not required in the formulation itself – reducing packaging size, weight, and overall water use. Also, as we are not transporting water around the supply chain, and are able to make products much smaller, there is less impact on carbon emissions.

BEAUTYSTREAMS reported, “by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may be affected by water shortages. Water-conscious beauty continues to be a sustainable choice that supports the planet, in addition to offering concentrated products that dispense with the need for preservatives to extend their shelf life. The less water used, the more concentrated the active ingredients. In addition, water-free products are more compact in volume, as well as being lighter to transport.”[2]

There is another driver for growth, and that is the cost of living crisis. A recent article in Women’s Health magazine reported on how spending habits are shifting. WGSN Director of Beauty, Clare Varga, stated: “Waterless and rinse-free bathing products will go from novelty to necessity.”[3]

At BLUESKY we can offer ready-to-go formulations, and bases for further development. With our packaging offer and manufacturing facilities, everything is under one roof.

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