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The Rise and Rise of Fragranced Body Mists

Remember the days of the mid-90s when Impulse O2 was a must-have in every school bag, often sprayed on school ties as a statement of style and individuality? Very cool indeed. Well, it seems like those days are back, but with a modern twist. Laura, Marketing Manager at BlueSky explores this trend.

Unilever has recently re-released some classic ’90s body sprays, including the iconic Impulse O2. This move has sparked nostalgia and excitement, and there’s even been demand for the return of the Spice Girls limited edition – though that might be wishful thinking.

However, the fragranced body mist market has been evolving for some years, embracing non-aerosol formats like pump sprays and atomiser sprayers. Think of the adoration for Victoria’s Secret fragranced body mists, and how even Unilever transitioned Impulse into these formats before their O2 reboot in 2023 (they now boast both packaging formats). According to Cosmetics Business, we’re witnessing a significant revival in the fragranced body mist category, a trend that’s been growing steadily over the years.

What makes these new-age body mists so appealing? Let’s start with the packaging (of course, it makes sense for me to start there). Of the bottle options available, one particularly striking choice is the sleek, cylindrical Apollo-style PET bottles. The design is something of marketer’s dream –  they offer glass-like clarity, shatterproof durability, and are lightweight. The atomiser sprayers, sitting flush with the straight shoulder profile, enhance the product’s aesthetic and functional appeal (you can spray that perfumed body most to your heart’s content!). The PET substrate and cylindrical shape also provide a perfect canvas for labelling or printing, making these bottles versatile for branding.

This versatility extends beyond just body mists. Imagine extending a brand into fragranced body lotions, shower gels, or even room sprays. With a simple switch of closures – be it a disc top, flip top, or trigger spray – one bottle design can cater to a range of products. It’s a smart approach to packaging.

This revival isn’t just a fleeting trend. It’s a well-thought-out evolution catering to a diverse demographic and various price points. And it seems here to stay. As Marie Claire aptly put it, “perfume body mists are the most affordable way to smell expensive.” In times where affordability is key, this statement couldn’t be more relevant.

The fragranced body mist market is experiencing a renaissance, merging nostalgia with modernity. It’s an exciting time for brands and consumers alike, as we witness the evolution of a product that has been a staple for generations. The future looks bright (and smells even better) for fragranced body mists!