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“Occasion Cleaning” and the Evolution of Home Care

The cleaning habits of consumers are shifting, as detailed in Euromonitor’s insightful article, “Occasion Cleaning and the Future of Home Care and Appliances.” In a world still adjusting to the post-pandemic reality, daily cleaning routines have given way to “occasion cleaning,” a trend underscored by less frequent, more targeted cleaning sessions. Additionally, with household sizes shrinking globally, the demand for regular, deep cleaning—and by extension, certain home care products and appliances—sees a significant transformation. Yet, in the midst of these shifts, opportunities for growth in the home care sector, particularly for pet owners, are emerging, painting a complex picture of the future of home care and appliance usage.

At BlueSky, we are keen observers of these evolving consumer behaviours and market trends. Our product offerings and innovations are designed to not only align with but also anticipate the needs of our customers, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in providing relevant home care packaging solutions.

Adapting to “Occasion Cleaning”

The move towards occasion cleaning signifies a change in how consumers view and utilise cleaning products. The decreased frequency of cleaning sessions demands products that are effective, convenient, and versatile. At BlueSky, we recognise the need for packaging that caters to multi-purpose and highly concentrated cleaning products. These products, preferred by consumers for their ease of use and storage, align perfectly with the need for efficient and effective cleaning that fits into less regular cleaning schedules.

Solutions for Shrinking Households

With the projected increase in single-person households, there’s a noticeable shift towards products that suit smaller living spaces and require less frequent use. Our packaging solutions for compact and concentrated home care products meet these needs head-on. By focusing on durability, reusability, and recyclability, we ensure that our packaging options are not only practical for today’s shrinking households but are also environmentally responsible. Aluminium bottles are ideal, and in conjunction with pouches, make for a well established and effective reuse and refill system. Our smaller sized 30ml bottles are also ideal for concentrates, that can be diluted at-home and used together with a larger 500ml – 1L bottles where the diluted formulation is stored for use; overall this reduces the environmental impact of the cleaning product because there is less quantity of formulation and water to be shipped around.

Catering to Pet Owners’ Needs

Despite the broader trend towards less frequent cleaning, pet ownership introduces a unique set of demands for home care products and appliances. Frequent cleaning becomes imperative for pet owners, driving the need for specific home care solutions. Recognising this, BlueSky offers packaging solutions tailored for pet care products, from stain removers and deodorisers to pet-safe cleaning agents. Our packaging designs consider ease of use and storage, durability for frequent use, and sustainability to align with pet owners’ values.

Emphasising Sustainability and Convenience

As occasion cleaning grows in prevalence, the demand for products that offer sustainability without sacrificing convenience becomes paramount. BlueSky’s commitment to sustainable packaging solutions—such as packaging with recycled content—supports the industry’s shift towards more environmentally conscious products. Additionally, our focus on supplying you with user-friendly packaging, that is also safe and secure, such as child-resistant and tamper-evident caps, ensures that convenience remains a key feature of home care products, appealing to consumers looking for effective cleaning solutions that integrate seamlessly into their lifestyles. Easy-open/close mechanisms, such as lockable mini trigger sprayers, PE disc tops, and  resealable pouch options, are all perfectly suited to the home care sector.

Looking Forward

The landscape of home care and appliances is undoubtedly changing, influenced by new consumer behaviours, shrinking household sizes, and the specific needs of pet owners. BlueSky is agile to respond to these changes, offering packaging solutions that not only meet the current demands of the market but also anticipate future trends. As we continue to adapt and innovate in response to these trends, BlueSky is excited to be part of the journey towards more sustainable, convenient, and effective home care solutions.


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